1924us – Photography & Styling Tutorial


1924us – Photography & Styling Tutorial

Thank you so much for coming here to read what we’re all about when it comes to this new adventure! Elle-May and myself have been photographing most all of our lives, myself for the better part of the last 10 years and her as well! We both come from the extremes of photography, at 1924 it’s mainly been moody vibes, soft light and inclement weather. For Elle, it’s been harsh light, beautiful sunsets/rises and high-fashion done in an approachable way. We’ve teamed up over the last four years shooting one another, weddings, client’s campaigns, products, landscapes, books, magazines, etcetera. It’s been a very diverse, challenging and rewarding experience. We both have been talking in that time about the depth and meaning behind photography to us, and how we want to share our vision of it with others! So, we’ve been putting all that talk to action and are now in the final stages of filming our next class on Photography and Styling!

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