Lynda – 2D Animation: Tips and Tricks

Lynda - 2D Animation: Tips and Tricks

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One way to learn animation is an all-in-one course, the kind you can find here in our library. The other path is on-the-job training, and involves picking up an arsenal of tips and tricks as you work. Both methods have their benefits, though most students get an all-in-one style education. This course will give you that “on the job” experience in weekly doses. Every Tuesday, author Dermot O’ Connor reveals a tip or trick that animation professionals use to save time and create more compelling characters. Learn to use delays, overshoots, and leading gestures to create looser, more realistic movement; draw different mouth shapes for male and female characters; create different styles of walks such as staggers; and more. Put this course in your playlist and each week a new video will appear in your queue.

New This Week

Opposing action: Advanced 3m 17s
Welcome 1m 18s
Previous Tips
Loosen the joints 2m 30s
Loosen the body 6m 01s
To twin or not to twin 6m 6s
Head articulation 5m 14s
Physics: Falling 4m 33s
Creating staggers 6m 32s
Cartoony male mouth shapes 5m 29s
Realistic male mouth shapes 3m 32s
Pose-to-pose wipes 4m 31s
Zipping off screen 3m 58s
Cartoony female mouth shapes 6m 1s
Realistic female mouth shapes 3m 44s
Bird beaks 4m 57s
Stylized mouth shapes 2m 51s
Elderly mouth shapes 5m 17s
Breakdown basics turns 3m 8s
Breakdown basics reactions 6m 6s
Breakdown intermediate 5m 24s
Breakdown advanced 6m 56s
Thumbnail basics 4m 56s
Thumbnail intermediate 5m 20s
Thumbnail advanced 5m 27s
Fabric creases 4m 49s
Drag basics 4m 15s
Capes: Basics 4m 48s
Capes: Intermediate 4m 28s
Capes: Advanced 4m 39s
Flags 4m 18s
Dresses 8m 18s
Flour sack 4m 25s
Pantomime 4m 7s
Pantomime advanced 6m 16s
Object design 7m 46s
Objects Moving 5m 17s
Hair Basics 6m 53s
Hair Intermediate 4m 16s
Hair Advanced 9m 56s
Ball bounce 1m 15s
Fast Bite 3m 21s
Wipes Blurs 2m 30s
Morphs 2m 39s
Change expression 4m 1s
Timing basic 1m 46s
Timing intermediate 5m 2s
Timing Advanced 3m 55s
Texture Basic 2m 38s
Texture – advanced 4m 47s
Technical 9m 4s
Traditional animation process 8m 15s
Torque 2m 54s
Realistic construction 4m 18s
Cartoony construction 4m 51s
Eyeballs – cartoony 9m 42s
Eyebrows – cartoony 5m 37s
Eyeblinks – cartoony 4m 27s
Pupils 4m 35s
Eyes – realistic 4m 58s
Center mass 2m 42s
Crowds 3m 52s
Overcoming fear 4m 23s
Overcoming mental blocks 7m 51s
Breakthroughs 8m 14s
Avoiding burnout 6m 17s
The mystery of appeal 4m 3s
The wheel of fortune 6m 45s
Relationships matter 3m 41s
Interpreting dreams 6m 5s
Animating tails 4m 21s
Cheating transforms 4m 7s
Model sheets 5m 8s
Moving Hold 3m 31s
Moving Hold Advanced 4m 28s
Jumping with a push 4m 34s
Push objects 2m 26s
Coughing 3m 8s
Snoring 5m 56s
Reaching 2m 18s
Old styles: 1920s rubber hose intro 8m 17s
Old styles: 1920s rubber hose scene 7m 51s
Old styles: 1920s rubber hose post 6m 6s
Loosen with a reversal 4m 16s
Opposing actions 4m 16s
Overlap 4m 39s
Follow through 5m 52s
Leading actions 6m 6s
Overlapping large characters 5m 20s
Drawings, frames, and exposures 3m 20s
From rough drawings to cleanup 5m 54s
Cell painting to DIP 6m 41s
Color model 3m 48s
Tremor 4m 44s
Shaky walk 2m 54s
Camera shots 5m 24s
Strobing 3m 38s
Aspect ratios 9m 34s
Looney Toons: Intro 10m 48s
Looney Toons: Technical 8m 8s
Looney Toons: Animation style 8m 20s
Looney Toons: Walks and runs 5m 59s
Looney Toons: Scene 7m 8s
Looney Toons: FX explosion 5m 5s
Bouncing ball 6m 3s
Opposing action: Basic 3m 13s
Opposing action: Intermediate 3m 56s

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