365 Data Science – The Python Programmer Bootcamp

365 Data Science - Intro to Data and Data Science

365 Data Science – The Python Programmer Bootcamp

Course description

This is the Python course that will not only develop your programming skills, but will also give you a problem solving superpower using Python code! In this course you will develop a thorough understanding of Python, how to program in Python, and how to think computationally. You will learn how to implement object-oriented programming (OOP), how to create Python charts in Matplotlib, and how to work with different IDEs like Spyder and Jupyter. While you’re learning, you’ll get to practice your skills with fun and challenging exercises like solving the Sierpinski Triangle and the Towers of Hanoi. Finally, your instructor, Giles McMullen-Klein, is a British programmer who went to Oxford University and used Python for his research there. He’s motivating, enthusiastic, and truly passionate about Python!

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