Acloud – Linux System Startup

Linux System Startup

Acloud – Linux System Startup

About the course
Welcome to this course on Linux System Startupl! This is a stand alone course but is also part of a learning path in order to prepare you for the LPIC-2 201-450 exam.

The Linux boot process goes through many stages before loading the operating system and all of the services that are necessary to interact with the system. The course will begin by covering the evolution from SysV-Init systems to systems using Systemd. This includes how system services are handled during startup, general system use, and how to include or exclude services to reach a specific system state (i.e., runlevels for SysV-Init and targets for Systemd). Then we will walk through the various stages of the boot process starting with the BIOS and UEFI all the way to loading the operating system kernel. This includes modifying the boot process, interrupting that process to gain access to the system, and using different runlevels or targets in order to troubleshoot and recover a system. The course will end by covering other alternate bootloaders that can be used to create recovery disks, perform network booting, and boot from non standard systems such as embedded or IoT devices.

Lab Highlights
Controlling System Services with Systemd
Modifying GRUB2 Boot Configuration (CentOS)
Modifying Runlevels on Linux

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