Adobe Photoshop For Beginners

Adobe Photoshop For Beginners

Adobe Photoshop For Beginners

This Course we are sharing with you is Adobe Photoshop For Beginners free download link. This is a premium product and you will get it free on here. CoursesGhar was made to help people like graphic designers, video creators, web developers, freelancers, filmmakers, etc. On our website, you will find lots of premium assets free like Free-course/tutorials, Tutorials and Tech News, Udemy Premium Courses, and Much Much More.

This Class is for Absolute Beginners with no background in Photoshop so if you want to learn photoshop fast and professional, This class is perfect for you because I have explained every tools in a Step by Step and with real world projects.

What Will You learn in this course?
Getting familiare with Photoshop interface
Zoom in and out in Photoshop

Resize and Save images
How to Use Crop Tool
First Project Photo Collage

Auto Color, Auto Contrast ,Auto Tone
Why Use Vibrance Saturation no Hue and Saturation for Protecting the Skin tone
How to Use Level Adjustment

Master Hue and Saturation
How to Use Layer Mask
Master Curve Adjustment

Changing Color tone with Color Ballance
Create Dramatic Black and White image in Photoshop
Photoshop Color Presets or Color lookup

How to Use Brightness and Contrast
Increase image Quality in photoshop
How to Use Brushes in photoshop

Undestand Brush Presets and Settings
Blending images together by Using Gradiant
Selecting Objects By Marquee and Lasso tools

Object Selection & Quick Selection and Changing Color
Fastest Selection in Photoshop
How to Select & Seperate Hair from Background

Removing Distracting Elements with Healing Brush
Remove Big Objects By Content Aware Fill
Transform Landscape image to Portrait with Content Aware Move and Scale

How to use Clone Stamp Tool
All Blending Modes Explained
Why you MUST Use Smart Object

How to Open Raw image as a Smart Object
Scaling, Skewing & Adding a Photo to a frame
Master Pen tool

Sharpening images in Photoshop
Lose Weight with Liquify
How to use Blend if

Selection & Remove Background with Channels
Master Blur Gallery for Photographers

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