Adobe Premiere Pro 2021: Video Editing for Beginners


Adobe Premiere Pro 2021: Video Editing for Beginners



Welcome to our Adobe Premiere 2021 Beginners Course!

In this course you will edit an amazing ad, from start to finish using free, high-quality footage shot by us.
You will learn:

Key concepts for editing on any software
Optimizing Premiere Pro for best performance
Importing and Organizing your footage for a more efficient editing process
Cutting, arranging and finding flow to make your videos look awesome!
Apply visual effects such as stabilizing shaky video for a more professional look
Speed up and Slow down your footage for a more cinematic outcome
Color Correcting to fix lighting issues
Color Grading to make your footage feel the way YOU want it to feel
Sound Design to bring your clips to life!
Add Sound Effects to give your footage that crisp finishing.
Find and Add music to your finished clip
Export Your Masterpiece with the best settings
And so much more!

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