Advance Excel Solved Assignments – Interview Preparation

Advance Excel Solved Assignments - Interview Preparation

Advance Excel Solved Assignments – Interview Preparation

Crack your advance Excel interview – Solved Assignments – advance – CoursesGhar.Com

Majorly, it is advance level questions solved on every topic.

If you are good in advance excel and want to gain more confidence and clear interviews or want to see how real situations confuses, you can join this course.

It will help you in preparing for advance excel interviews.

Assignments are on Vlookup, Match, Index, SumIFs, CountIFs, Mid, Left, Right , substitute, Data validation, Indirect, Offset, conditional formatting ,chart , pivot level advance topics.

I conducted a surprise test for my live online students and giving you same in this course. Lecture has detailed discussion on how each student had solved it and if correction required, it is done and explained in lecture

You should have a good knowledge of advance excel functions including basics.

Not meant for basic excel users. It has difficult questions solved and one should know basics and have clear understanding of functions before taking this course.

This course is strictly for intermediate and advance excel Users. We are providing solution to complex scenarios in excel which will help you data handling and analysis very well.

if you are not expert or use Excel very often , this course is not for you, This course expects a good knowledge of Excel functions from you.

Course is covering all Excel functions one by one starting from basic to advance. It has assignments and solutions too for your help.

INDEX, MATCH, VLOOKUP. HLOOKUP, IF, NESTED IFs, CONDTIONAL FORMATTING Amazing challenges, Difficult INDIRECT questions, verstaitl ADDRESS function, simple yet useful ROW, COLUMN functions, SUMIF,COUNTIF, WILD CHARACTERS, use , ADVANCE FILTER , OFFSET, CHARTS, PIVOTS – all such amazing functions and topics are covered in the form of assignments with solutions.

It is not just a function but how we can solve the questions by writing more than one function in a single formula is what you are going to learn.

Solutions provided for above functions are mainly on advance level complex situations to train your mind harder and make you ready to face the real world challenges.

By finishing this course, you will never face any difficulties in solving any difficult situation. You mind will be more creative , innovative and you will have more than one solution for every situation. You shall be able to clear any written Excel test from the moment you finish the course.

All those professionals or students who work in excel and are not able to think or imagine how to handle a complex task beyond certain point.

You know Excel functions but get confused when it comes to real world data handling.

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