AliasEDU – Photoshop Select and Mask

AliasEDU - Photoshop Select and Mask

This is where a lot of people struggle and always doesn’t get the results they would like.

Photoshop : Select and mask -workshop gives you all the needed techniques and tools so you can isolate pretty much any element from the background.

Making selections and masking is definitely one of the most important techniques when retouching images. Usually simple elements are easy to separate from the background but what about transparencies, hair, fur and other fine details. These are the places where the problems usually starts and you don’t get the results you need.

In this workshop we will go through all the needed techniques that will help you cut out pretty much any element from the background so you are able to replace that.

With these techniques your retouching process will be faster and you will save and your nerves and your images will look much more polished.

You will learn :

All the basic tools to make selections

How to use and mask Adjustment -layers

How to make color or contrast based selections

How to use Select and mask -tool

How to mask hair, fur and other transparencies

Powerful tool Blend IF

And various PRO TIPS from a working pro

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