[Free] Android App Development Using Android Lollipop ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Android App Development Using Android Lollipop

Android App Development Using Android Lollipop

This Course we are sharing with you is Android App Development Using Android Lollipop free download link. This is a premium product and you will get it free on here. CoursesGhar.Com was made to help people like graphic designers, video creators, web developers, freelancers, filmmakers, etc. CoursesGhar.com is a free graphics content provider website that helps beginner graphic designers/Developers as well as freelancers who can’t afford high-cost courses and other things. On our website, you will find lots of premium assets free like Free-course/tutorials, Tutorials and Tech News, Udemy Premium Courses, and Much Much More.

Android App Development using Android version 5 which is Android Lollipop.

What you’ll learn
Learn App development using lollipop, the core of this Android Lollipop Training
Learn Webservices on Android OS similar to web services on another platform
Learn How Facebook and Twitter apps work on the mobile OS
Learn How various animations such as flip and slide are built on the lollipop

In this section, we provide the pre-requisite for this Android Lollipop Training so that the candidates can learn any additional material is required before starting with this course for a better and smoother experience during the course. These pre-requisites are as below: – Sound knowledge of Java is required before starting this Android Lollipop Training. If you are new to Java or never learned Java, it is advisable to first spend some time there and then come back. Expert level java is not required but you should know at least basics of the concepts like OOPs, data scoping, multi-threading programming, exception handling, collections, etc. A personal computer or a laptop needs a good internet connection. Any IDEs are fine. You can use something like NetBeans or Eclipse-based on your preference. You will require to download and install the Android SDK tool from the Android website.

Android keeps on releasing newer versions that contain important upgrades on previous ones. The most important change in the Lollipop release was a completely redesigned user interface (UI). It was built around an innovative design language called Material Design. The material design concept was made to give users a paper-like feel to the UI.

Apart from that, other changes were also incorporated such as improvements to the notifications bar and its style, which can now be accessed directly from the lock screen without requiring any password and displayed within applications as banners on top of the screen. Internal changes to the platform were also made and it was done using the Android Runtime (ART). Improved application performance was achieved, and it was intended to improve and optimize battery usage as well.

Lollipop’s successor is Marshmallow, which was released next year in October 2015Major updates on Android 5.0 are listed below as a bullet point for easy understanding: -A refreshed notification systemIndividual notifications now displayed on cards based on material design language,batches of notifications can be grouped by individual appsNotifications are displayed on the lock screen as well as cardsA do-not-disturb feature is added for notifications.

The recent apps menu was redesigned as a three-dimensional stack of cards shape to show open appsIndividual apps can now display multiple cards under a recent menuIn this course, we detail the various skills that candidates can learn from this Android Lollipop Training.

This section will help students access the intended learning outcome of the course and hence help them decide if they should enroll for the course.Android Lollipop: – Update on all new features of the lollipop upgrade.Mobile Apps Development: – App development using lollipop, the core of this Android Lollipop Training.Android Webservice: – Webservices on Android OS similar to web services on another platform.Social Media Integration on Android: – How Facebook and Twitter apps work on the mobile OSAndroid Animations: – How various animations such as flip and slide are built on the lollipop.Data Storage Management: – How data is stored and retried with lollipop architecture on the Android platform.Android Custom Designs: – Custom designs such as notification and open apps’ views are covered.Creating a New Layout: – Layout changes been done based on a material language framework.Standard Toolbar: – Many toolbar functions are provided for easier app developmentRecycle View Widget: – Many new widgets are provided for better usability and design.Layout Manager: – Layout manager is provided for multifunctionality on the device.View Holder: – View holders are unique concepts to lollipop designDrawer Model: – provided for better performance and UIGenerate Constructor: – Constructor is vital to lollipop OS

Section 1: Android Lollipop – Mobile Apps Development
Lecture 1 Introduction to Android Lollipop
Lecture 2 Android Lollipop – Media

Lecture 3 Why Android 5.1 Released
Lecture 4 Android Custom Designs
Lecture 5 Creating New Layout

Lecture 6 Standard Toolbar
Lecture 7 Recycle View Widget
Lecture 8 Layout Manager

Lecture 9 View Holder
Lecture 10 Flexible Version of List View
Lecture 11 Drawer Model

Lecture 12 Add Recycle View
Lecture 13 Generate Constructor
Lecture 14 Slider Fragment Java

Lecture 15 Add String Array
Lecture 16 Slider Adapter
Lecture 17 Public Boolean Method

Lecture 18 Add Action Bar Toggle
Lecture 19 Add Layout Resources File
Lecture 20 Adding Slider Fragment

Lecture 21 Relative Layout
Lecture 22 Home Fragment
Lecture 23 Fragment Transaction

Lecture 24 Build Tool Version
Lecture 25 Adding Floating Button
Lecture 26 Snackbar

Lecture 27 Snackbar Continues
Lecture 28 Working on Main Activity Java
Lecture 29 Floating Action Button

Lecture 30 Adding Coordinator Layout
Lecture 31 Adding Float in Button
Lecture 32 Creating Fab Hide File

Lecture 33 Recycle Adapter Java
Lecture 34 Creating Fab Hide on Scroll in Java
Lecture 35 Creating Expand Method

Lecture 36 Creating Expand Method Continues
Lecture 37 Recycle View

Lecture 38 Conclusion
In this section, we list out suitable candidates for this course. This shall give a clear idea if this Android Lollipop Training is suitable for you or not. Anyone interested in Android App development: This is a very generic actually.

If you are passionate about building android apps, you are welcome to learn. Beginners in the field of Android App development: Those people who are already in this field but want to upskill themselves and learn new things that were released with the lollipop. Students who want to build a career as Android App developer: College graduates who have studied computer science or related subjects and want to build a career in android app development.

Freelancers interested in the Android lollipop training course and create their App: The course is suitable for self-learners and go-getters as well. They can learn and build on the go simultaneously. iOS developer interested in developing an App in Android: Those who are planning to move from iOS or want to learn Android and iOS both.

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