– Introduction to Rigging - Introduction to Rigging

An introduction to the principles of rigging, applied to simple objects and scenarios. In order for any 3D animation to happen, riggers (Character Technical Directors) take a completed character or prop model and use the concepts learned in this class to prepare it for deformation and action. Riggers insert bones (joints) into the character and refine the shapes and control systems so the character can act. Students learn basic rigging concepts including hierarchies, constraints, skinning, blendshapes, connections, joints, orientation, inverse kinematics, expressions, math nodes, xray, curve controls, custom attributes, sets, Set Driven Keys, and hypergraph connections.

Each exercise builds on the previous, so students are able ease into the complexities of rigging.

– Hierarchies
– Constraints
– Joints
– Skinning
– Connections, and Math nodes
– Rigging a Character

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