Barron Cruz – The Mature Men’s Dating Program

Barron Cruz - The Mature Men's Dating Program

Phase 1: Get The Date

Date smarter, get a date with your perfect type of woman
First things first, if you’ve just gotten out of a marriage or long term relationship you need to get your head back on straight before you hit the social scene. In this video you will learn the most efficient ways to do so. You will also be exposed to new, beneficial perspectives to use when looking at dating and success with women.

Men are appreciating assets. You get better and more attractive to women as you age. You also grow to have many more women in your strike zone. In this video you will learn not only why this is true, but also how you can maximize the upsides of being a mature man and minimize the downside.

Phase 2: On The Date

The Secret Keys to a Flawless Date
There are many counter intuitive hacks that you can use to your advantage before you show up for your date. They will help us with everything from being in a social, talkative mood to getting us out of our heads and free from social anxiety. You also learn my “Charisma Coat,” technique that will ensure that you look like a cool, social guy who people remember and respect even if its your first time going out on the town in years.

Women love men who are able to carry a conversation confidently and in an interesting direction. In this video, you will learn how to spontaneously come up with things to say and talk about as well as deal with the sometimes difficult task of getting the conversation going when first meeting.

Phase 3: Keeping Her Around:

Dramatic, lasting results
To set ourselves up for success, we need to know how not only to attract a woman into our lives who will want to embark in a long term relationship but also know how to chose the perfect woman for us.

In phase 3, you will learn what to look for and what to look out for when making this important decision. You will also learn best practices for establishing and maintaining a strong long term relationship.

Barron’s Personal Story About Getting Dumped
Howdy, I’m Barron,

A couple of years ago I was dumped. That’s right, a 5-year relationship ended out of the blue, and I was suddenly single again. To be totally honest, the thought of getting back into dating was terrifying.
It was hard for me to accept the fact that I was moving out of my prime (you know… aging…) and I remember thinking to myself, “this is the end of my dating life!”

Everyday it became more and more apparent. I’d look at myself in the mirror and think, “Dude, there’s no way you’re going to land a date with a woman you’re actually interested in!”

It didn’t help that I would look around me at older guys who were becoming more and more desperate. They’d hang out at bars and clubs and use cheesy pick-up lines that only made them look like creeps. Or they’d put up ridiculous online dating profiles (bathroom selfies? really?) and expect women to come running.

I didn’t want to be like that. I didn’t want to reek of desperation…

… but I was really at a loss as to how to have a great dating life as a older guy.

Here’s Why Dating Is HARD For Older Guys Like Us

The main reason most mature men have a hard time successfully dating is because they believe they’re too old (or too fat, too poor, etc.). I believed it. Just like a lot of older men, I talked myself out of even approaching really cool women.

A lot of older guys will hide behind false (and obnoxious) bro-bravado, sleazy pick-up lines, they bend over backwards to be nice, or they just plain give up.

I’m not the bro type, I’m not into hookups, and so I tried being ultra-nice, just like men are told to be in school, the movies and nearly everywhere else. That got me absolutely nowhere. Honestly, I was on the verge of giving up.

Sound familiar?

Well it’s not your fault if you’ve failed because you’ve been using these ways to get dates. It’s just because we’re all told that once we hit 40 it’s all downhill from there.

Well yes, some guys really do give into that lie. They give up, let themselves go, stop being interesting (or interested) in life… (and sex)… and basically think their only option is to be the creepy jerk at the club.

Or, they get dejected about their prospects and resign themselves to a monk-like existence without the female company they crave.

Or, they genuinely want to date but have no earthly clue how to be attractive to the women they are attracted to. (Tip – being “ultra nice” equals “boring” and “creepy” in a woman’s mind!)

Or, they’ve been married so long (and are now back “on the market”) but don’t know how to date so they try the same tactics they used in high school.

So let me tell you a secret.

It’s not looks, it’s not money, it’s not any of that shallow stuff that makes women say “yes.” You don’t have to be a 6’4” athlete or a millionaire. In fact, you can get great women to date you even if you are a little overweight, don’t drive a hot car, and don’t show off the bling.

But I didn’t know this at first. I suffered from the same anxiety that has most guys over 40 shakin’ in their boots just thinking about their dating prospects.

How I Went From A Lonely & Frustrated Older Man To Finding The Relationship I Always Wanted

To say I was fed up with my dating life is an understatement.

Like many mature men, I started doubting my ability to attract a woman I’d want to spend the rest of my life with. I had just gotten out of a 5-year relationship with a woman I was sure I’d spend the rest of my life with. But then she left me.

I really spiraled down. I was super depressed and lonely for months. All I could see was the clock ticking, and I was pretty much convinced that every day that went by lessened my chances of meeting “her.” The ONE.

I kept telling myself, “All the good ones are taken.” My online dating experience was a disaster too. I really tried, you know? I put up a bunch of profile pics, I wrote up a cool profile, and I behaved like a total gentleman who would actually read a woman’s profile, and take the time to respond to her with something other than “I like your profile. Wanna chat?”

Guess what I got? Crickets.

And I’m not the bar type so now what? I was just about to resign myself to a boring life of binge-watching Netflix.

One day, I ran into an older guy I knew – probably a decade older than me. He was with this gorgeous woman and they were obviously crazy about each other – and no, it wasn’t one of those gold-digger situations either. He’s a working class guy who has worked his ass off his whole life. He’s not good looking, either. You might even say he’s “fugly,” or fat and ugly. And short. And balding.

So I went home thinking, what does he have, that made this gorgeous woman say “yes”?

What IS it that makes women want to date older men who don’t have the bank account, looks or the social status that we all think is necessary?
And more intriguingly, how come so many “nice guys” really do finish last?

I actually called him up and we got together for drinks, and during our conversation I realized… it was actually his age that was attractive. Well not the years on the calendar, but the experience, the history, the interesting stuff that made him who he is. AND he knew how to turn that to his advantage in dating.

That blew my mind.

Age wasn’t a disadvantage at all! I realized if HE could do it, so could I!

I could actually turn my age to an unfair advantage. My life experience, my scars, my history… I could leverage these to make myself fascinating and attractive to women I was actually interested in.

What I learned was that dating is a skill. Like any skill, you can learn how to date. No matter what you look like or how much you make.
I took a good hard look at myself and what I’d been doing wrong. “Ouch” is the first thing I thought… I was so ridiculously awkward and misguided that it’s no wonder I got more “No’s” than a door-to-door salesman!

So I decided to go about it more scientifically.

After talking to my “fugly” friend some more – who gave me the dating secrets I had no idea even existed, I became fascinated in the science of dating.

I researched attraction between men and women. I delved into psychology. I obsessed about finding out what makes some men more attractive to women than others – and I’m NOT talking about the 6’4” ultra-fit, handsome, rich jet-set types – I’m talking about Average Joes, the ones where you see them with a beautiful woman and wonder how in the heck he landed HER.

I dug deep into what makes a woman want to come back for a second date. And a third. And what I had to do – and not do – to have her chasing me.

I learned what it means to make a great first impression. And I learned how to make great conversation and never allow those awkward silences ruin a date. I started to put it into practice and slowly started seeing improvement. After a couple of years of refining the techniques I finally nailed the formula.

And that’s why I want to hand over to you my EXACT formula for attracting and dating HIGH QUALITY women you want to have a real relationship, not the low-hanging fruit just looking for a hookup (or a sugar daddy).

Barron Cruz

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