Become a TEFL Teacher

Become a TEFL Teacher

Become a TEFL Teacher

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An introduction into TEFL today, and how to become certified as a TEFL teacher

I’ll teach you different strats to use when teaching your students!

Lesson plans – I will teach you how to structure a lesson plan, and what the different parts of a lesson plan are.

Classroom management/motivation – I will teach you some different classroom management techniques that I’ve personally used and seen to be effective!!

Personal Advice – I will give you some personal advice, and also discuss the differences between online and real world teaching.

Be able to speak EnglishBe able to read, write and speak in English

Hello fellow teachers and welcome to our course!!

In this course I will teach you all I’ve learnt in my five years of TEFL;teaching experience.

You will learn the theory behind education, how to create a lesson plan and how to manage your classroom. I will also discuss the difference between an online and offline classroom. I will also include tons of activities and games for your classes. I’ve also included tons of lesson examples, videos on different activities, and my own theory of education.

I will discuss the theories of Behaviorism, Cognitivism and Constructivism. I will also discuss the theory of Multiple Intelligences, and Piaget’s four stages of development. I wanted to included these pedagogies (educational theories), so that we can help you define your own teaching style.

I will also teach you about Teaching Methods (strats to use to teach a class). I will share examples and also give you examples of how to implement them in your lessons.

I will also teach you 10 classroom management strats, with some of them being developed by yours truly! These will help you to motivate your students and help you maintain a fun learning environment.

I hope you enjoy our course and welcome to the wonderful world of TEFL!;Let’s get you started on your journey!

Who this course is for:People interested in becoming TEFL teachersTeachers wanting to become TEFL teachers, anyone wanting to become a TEFL teacher!

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