Binance Trading Bots Passive Income


Binance Trading Bots Passive Income

What you’ll learn

  • Trading Bots using Binance.
  • #1 Trading Bots in the market connected to Binance 4 years in the Market.
  • How to set up bots. 1 bot assigned per chosen coin.
  • Know the importance of leveraging time by hiring or having up to 200 bots .
  • Preserve hard earned money with no stop loss bot trading using spot with 100% win rate.


  • Must have basic knowledge in Binance buy and sell, bank transfer, fund account.
  • Must have at least a minimum of $2,000.00 funds up to $30,000.00 funds in Binance to earn $300-$1,000.00 daily even during bear market.
  • You will manage your own funds in Binance so nothing to worry.
  • Can raise this amount for Binance funds to earn optimal profit.
  • No experience needed in trading.
  • Must follow instruction and not overthink. This is a money making machine bots, $30,000.00 you can hire 40 bots that will give you $300-$1,000.00 daily income.


Trading Bots has been a terrifying word and interesting word at the same time. Most people are ignorant about it but this is actually the future. AI in trading.

Imagine life without a sleepless night even when trading crypto. Imagine Trading 40 coins simultaneously without overlooking even one and not even considering technical analysis before buying. Imagine having these 40 bots equivalent to 40 employees, that neither sleep nor rest nor takes a break, not even flinch, and works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No benefits, no need to rent a building, pay electricity water and many more. Yet earn the same income that most corporate CEO are earning whose working very hard to keep their company.

This is the future. you will be ahead. Hop in and enroll now and have the best day of your life. Just make sure you have all the requirements I required to maximized your enrollment fees. Your enrollment fee is nothing compared to the profit that you will be earning.

You can check the Free Preview if you are still undecided then hop in and enroll to watch the full course only with 6 lectures 1 hour.

All the best!

RJ Austria

Who this course is for:

  • Traders
  • Short and long term crypto investors
  • Employed who have day job and can’t handle day trading.
  • Person who wants to venture in crypto space but doesn’t know how.
  • No experience needed in trading.
  • Teenager
  • Adult/ Newly married
  • Senior Citizen
  • Young Professionals
  • businessman/woman


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