Black Hat europe 2018

Black Hat europe 2018

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Hacking can be fun. It’s also instructive and to be clear, I’m not talking about the type of hack that was stolen, I’m talking about taking things to the extreme – things. Finding interesting interesting ways to fix, open secret entrances, hide B attributes, and so on.


“it’s significant how you use it. So if you hack with malicious intent, it’s bad, but it makes your character rather than hacking Demonstrates. This is why we have so-called “whitehat” and “blackhat” hackers and have multiple gradations. By definition, digital hacking means unauthorized intrusion into computer systems. It also includes an ad hoc solution for some Which is done in an innovative and unconventional way.


For example, think of a “life hack”, but it is a notorious hack that is more visible. They can do so much damage, so much financial loss, and possibly kill. Also. An infamous hacker, named Blackhat or Hacker, enters the system with the intention of stealing information and identity. Destroying the website between the system and others. Then they can sell your data to a third party, or they can Can store data (they lock it and only give you the key when making payment) to open it, pay on bitcoin Ask for neither, I have seen it happen in many companies. Trust me, if you don’t want to wake up in the morning, lock a locked computer with a skull icon. And then there is DDoS.DDoS, when a hacker controls a network of “bot computers” and IoT bots, which can be used to execute traffic-related attacks such as DDoS.


The hacker controls this “button” (the army of devices under him) and can then flood the website with only too many requests for information. This can also be done by unskilled “script kids” who copy and paste code from the web. Credit: Privacy Canada Despite all its problems, blackhat hacking is a potentially lucrative business. Blackhat hackers can earn thousands of dollars a year from activities such as the sale of stolen data, ransomware attacks and threats of DDoS attacks – but being the culprit can often be a can. Be a profitable business and can black chain technology protect us from the dangers of blackhat hackers?


The community can help with cyber security. It seems that you do not need to be an expert to be part of the cyber security community. All you need high speed net connection.Gladius is a decentralized network for DDoS security and content delivery disrupts the current industry of cloud-based CDN and DDoS security providers, who control their own infrastructure and charge high monthly fees for security. With Gladius, anyone with a computer, broadband connection, fast and available bandwidth can pay excessive bandwidth fares to join the global and regional pool of DDoS harmful nodes.


During DDoS attack, this extra bandwidth is used to convert and receive bad traffic. The zombie machine (accepted by hackers) serves as a global content delivery network during the Gladius network “peacetime” or when there are no attacks that speed up websites, online services, and digital access. In other words, you can earn a pass by sharing your extra bandwidth and thereby help increase the security and speed of the Internet. This is similar to what hackers do, but on the contrary rogue hackers use scripts and code to get to the normal users’ computers to control them unknowingly as part of a button. Such attacks cost the business an average of $ 2.5 million, so primarily you are placing your computer on a network that ignores or ignores the potential loss of a button.



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