Build Pantry App using SwiftUI, MVVM, Firebase, Firestore

Build Pantry App using SwiftUI, MVVM, Firebase, Firestore

Build Pantry App using SwiftUI, MVVM, Firebase, Firestore

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What you’ll learn


Firebase Firestore

Firebase Analytics

MVVM Design Pattern


In this course you will learn to build an app from scratch using SwiftUI. We will build Pantry app from ground up and along the way you will learn about MVVM which is Model View ViewModel design pattern. We will be using Firebase as backend for this course and save our data into firebase’s Firestore cloud database.

You will learn how to create, read, update, and delete items from Firestore database. We will build central repository to manage firebase related operations and then build Model , View and ViewModels around the code to better structure our code.

You will learn about SwiftUI and its components while building out the user interface, you will also see how view models fit into the SwiftUI space. We will use combine’s publisher feature to publish data fetched from firebase and display them in a list.

You will also build a generic analytics wrapper that can be used in any of your projects.

We will follow protocol oriented programming paradigm to create this generic analytics wrapper and then report analytics events from our app directly into firebase’s analytics dashboard. Your wrapper will be able designed in such a way where it will be able to publish your analytics events to any number of analytics providers using just one call.

So join us in this course and learn about SwiftUI, MVVM and Firebase

Who this course is for:

Students who want to make app start to finish in SwiftUI using Firebase as backend

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