Calculus 2-Learn Concepts & Examples of Integral calculus

Calculus 2-Learn Concepts & Examples of Integral calculus

Calculus 2-Learn Concepts & Examples of Integral calculus

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A course on Integral calculus that boosts your confidence and inspires you to solve integration problems with an ease.

What you’ll learn

Students will learn basic concepts, Formulae, Important results and tips and tricks of Integration from basics to advance
You will understand solution of selected and excellent questions step by step on each topic of Integral calculus

You should have a decent foundation in Algebra.A good knowledge in Calculus 1 (limits and derivatives) is required.Some experience Trigonometry and Precalculus will be helpful

If you find it difficult to remember various formulas of Integration ? If you have a feeling of not being confident in Integral Calculus ? If you facing difficulty in solving Integration questions and feel that you need to strengthen your basics? Then you have come to the right place.

Calculus is an important branch of Mathematics. It helps in solving many problems arise in practical situations. Generally many questions do come from this topic in competition exams. The course is useful for both beginners as well as for advanced level. Here, this course covers the following areas in details:

Integration as Inverse process of Differentiation Standard Formulae
Integration by Substitution
Integration by Partial Fraction
Integration by Parts
Definite Integral

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