Celever Programmer – Profit With JavaScript Updated

Clever Programmer – Profit With JavaScript Updated


About Your Instructor – Nazariy Dumanskyy
The 7 Habits of Highly Paid Developers
Should You Freelance or Full-Time Based On Your Personality
Let’s Figure Out Your Income Goals To Direct Yourself
The Pros and Cons of Freelancing vs Full-Time (In-Depth)
🤑 5 Ways to Generate $5,000 per month as a JavaScript Developer
How To Get Maximum ROI From This Course
How To Get Maximum ROI from the Facebook Community
Your War Plan for the JavaScript Crash Course
Why Learn Javascript, And Where Can We Use It?
Overview of Project: Guess the Number Game
How to Run Javascript Code
Manipulate the DOM with JavaScript
Numbers in JavaScript
Functions in JavaScript
While vs. For Loops in JavaScript
Data Types in JavaScript
Strings (Common Methods)
JavaScript Arrays
Objects in JavaScript
If-Else Conditionals and Switch Statements
Learn JSON in 5 Minutes
Project: Let’s build Guess The Number Game
Guess The Number Game: Retrieve User Input
Guess The Number Game: Generate Random Number
Guess The Number Game: Compare User Input With Generated Number
Guess The Number Game: Create Function To Compare Result
Guess The Number Game: Create The Main Dialog To Show Result
Guess The Number Game: Connect Result Logic With Dialog
Guess The Number Game: Save User Guess History
Guess The Number Game: Display Guess History
Guess The Number Game: Ability To Restart The Game
Overview of Module on Problem Solving
Challenge 1: Add Two Numbers
Challenge 2: Convert Minutes to Seconds
Challenge 3: Your Age In Seconds
Challenge 4: First Item In An Array
Challenge 5: Label Good Movies and Bad Movies
Challenge 6: Check if a string is empty
Challenge 7: Finding the Minimum
Challenge 8: Finding the Maximum
How to Visualize Your JavaScript Code
Challenge 9: Sort by Biggest Numbers
Challenge 10: How to Use Helper Functions
Project: Sort IMDB Movie Database
Sort IMDB Movie Database: Let’s set up the project
Sort IMDB Movie Database: Sort movies list by rank
Sort IMDB Movie Database: Create a flexible function to sort movies by rank, id, and title
Sort IMDB Movie Database: How are strings compared?
Sort IMDB Movie Database: Create a helper function for sorting movies
Overview of Module on DOM-inate with JavaScript
What is DOM and why do we need it?
How to access the DOM elements
How to search the DOM tree for the element you need
How to modify the content of the DOM
What is BOM?
Project: Create a Google DOC like TextEditor
TextEditor: Add bold, italic, and underline features
TextEditor: Add text align features
What is the right keyboard event to use?
Alfred – Find files and your copied text instantly
Google Chrome Inspect Tool – Pick apart web pages easily
Oh My ZSH – A cleaner, nicer, more powerful, more robust, command line.
VIM – crazy keyboard shortcuts to DOUBLE your coding speed.
Visual Studio Code – the best code editor
Stack Overflow – best community for coding questions (and fixing bugs!)
Spectacle – window management
Droplr – clear screenshots and clear communication to clients/teams
Overview of Module on Advanced Javascript
What/Why ES6+?
ES6+: Using Let & Const to correctly define variables and their scope
ES6+: Template Literals for easier concatenation of strings
ES6+: Using Arrow Functions to define functions easier
ES6+: Setting Default Parameters in functions
ES6+: Simpler ways for iterating over arrays and objects
ES6+: Deconstructing Objects
Challenge: Convert TextEditor Project to ES6+
ES6+: Using promises to run code in the future
ES6+: Fetching data from an API
Project: Create a Weather App
Weather App: Fetch weather data from API
Weather App: Get weather data based on user input
Weather App: Display weather data
Overview of Module on Object-Oriented Programming
What is OOP? Why do we need to learn it?
Creating Objects for containing data and methods
Everything is an object in Javascript! Almost…
Creating Classes
Inheriting from other Classes
Project: BeatBoxJS Intro
BeatBoxJS: Setting up the project using GitHub
BeatBoxJS: Listening on keystrokes
BeatBoxJS: Creating a Beat Class to play audio files
BeatBoxJS: Connecting keypress to the playing of audio
BeatBoxJS: Create Button class to represent button colors and transitions
BeatBoxJS: Finishing up
Feb 6 Live Call – Student Introductions and Answering Questions
Feb 22 Coding Live Call – Teaching the Process of Creating the Guess The Number Game
March 21 – Google Maps Project Explanation/Catch Up
March 28 – How to turn your idea into a reality
April 4 – ES6 String Literals, CSS & FlexBox
April 11 – Problem Solving Algorithm Questions to prepare for developer interviews
April 19 – Solving Diagonal Difference Algorithm Question From Homework on April 11
Module Intro
Project: My Blog Intro
Blog App: Creating a Software Requirements Document to give to our clients
Blog App: Learning to create our first Wireframe
Blog App: Setting up the project files
Using the power of Flexbox to build any layout on the web
Blog App: Creating the Home Page base structure
Blog App: Creating the Blog Post html and style
Blog App: Learning to add transitions and hover effects
Blog App: Complete Individual Post structure and styling
What is a REST API?
Blog App: Creating your first NodeJS Server API
Blog App: Creating API Endpoint to return a list of posts
Blog App: Reading data from JSON file in NodeJS
Blog App: Creating API Endpoint to get an individual blog post
Blog App: Connecting Home Page with API Data
Blog App: Connecting Post Page with API Data
Blog App: Uploading images to NodeJS API
Blog App: Posting a new Blog Post to the API (WE ARE DONE )
Blackjack and Intro Projects (Your Projects/Challenges For This Module)
Mini-Project 1: Your Age In Days
Mini-Project 2: Random Cat Generator
Mini-Project 3: Rock Paper Scissors (Part 1)
Mini-Project 3: Rock Paper Scissors (Part 2)
Mini-Task: Changing the color of all buttons
How Blackjack Works
Writing the HTML for Blackjack
Writing the CSS for Blackjack
Blackjack: Part 1
Blackjack: Part 2
Blackjack: Part 3
Blackjack: Part 4
Blackjack: Part 5
Blackjack: Part 6
Module Intro
Project: Twitter Clone Intro
Twitter Clone: Creating a Software Requirements Document to provide a foundation for the project
Twitter Clone: Building a Wireframe
Twitter Clone: Create a Twitter Developer Account
Twitter Clone: Connecting to Twitter API
Twitter Clone: Setting up the files
Twitter Clone: Using Mockup files as a Front End Developer
Twitter Clone: Creating the Page Structure
Twitter Clone: Create HTML and Style for Navigation
Twitter Clone: Create HTML and Style for Input Box
Twitter Clone: Creating HTML and Style for Individual Tweet
Twitter Clone: Creating HTML and Style for Trending Box
Twitter Clone: Setting up NodeJS Server
Twitter Clone: Create API endpoint to receive Twitter Data
Twitter Clone: Create helper function to move Twitter API Logic
Twitter Clone: Saving secure API tokens in a .env file
Twitter Clone: Retrieve data from our API on the APP
Twitter Clone: Retrieving Twitter data based on user search input
Twitter Clone: Showing tweets based on API Data
Twitter Clone: Showing Tweet Images
Twitter Clone: Showing Tweet Videos and Gifs
Twitter Clone: Showing tweet user info
Twitter Clone: Using momentjs to show created date of tweet
Twitter Clone: Allowing users to search using trends
Twitter Clone: Creating the Next Page Button
Twitter Clone: Showing Next Page of Tweets
Twitter Clone: Clean Up (WE ARE DONE)
Module Intro
Project: Google Maps App Intro
Google Maps: Creating a Software Requirements Document to provide a foundation for the project
Google Maps: Creating the Wireframe
Google Maps: Get your own Google Maps API Key
Google Maps: Using Mockup Files as a Developer
Google Maps: Setting up the files for the Google Maps Store Locator App
Google Maps: Import Google Maps into our project
Google Maps: Create HTML and STYLE for the header
Google Maps: Create HTML and STYLE for zip code input
Google Maps: Create HTML and STYLE for stores list container
Google Maps: Create your FIRST marker on the map
Google Maps: Set up NodeJS API
Google Maps: Get your own Stores data 😉
Google Maps: What is a NoSQL Database(MongoDB)? 🔥
Google Maps: Create a POST API endpoint to save our data
Google Maps: Create YOUR FIRST MongoDB Database
Google Maps: Connect to MongoDB Database with Mongoose
Google Maps: Create a Store Model in MongoDB and SAVE our first Object
Google Map: Delete and Save real data in MongoDB Database
Google Maps: Get real STORE data from MongoDB Database
Google Maps: Show markers on Google Map of all STORES from API
Google Maps: Add InfoWindow to every store marker
Google Maps: Add HTML and STYLE for individual store
Google Maps: Show the full list of stores from the API
Google Maps: Open Info Window of a marker on the selection of a store
Google Maps: Find Stores around zip code using MongoDB and Google Maps Geocoding API
Google Maps: Use ASYNC/AWAIT to cleanly refactor API code
Google Maps: Implement search by zip code on the app
Google Maps: Add Starter Screen (WE ARE DONE!)
Feb 22 Coding Live Call – Teaching the Process of Creating the Guess The Number Game
April 25 – Starting COVID-19 Project Part 1
May 2, 2019 – COVID Tracker Part 2
May 9, 2020 – COVID Tracker Part 3 – Adding LIVE COVID data to the map
May 16, 2020 – 7-Figure Freelance Developer Interview 💰
May 7 – Success Coaches that will skyrocket your knowledge in JavaScript🚀
May 14 – Creating a Pokemon Card with CSS, HTML


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