Computer Network Infrastructure Basics

Computer Network Infrastructure Basics

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How to set up network structure for a office.
What is active and passive component in computer networking and their functions.
What is GPON

Switching Concepts and LAN
Student must have Idea on Computer.
Interest in Learning Computer Network.

In this course, you will get to learn the basic understanding of computer networks with a complete understanding of the LAN, MAN, and WAN.
Also, you will be able to learn the use of network equipment and the basic configuration of devices like switches, routers, etc. Please go through the course step by step without hurry and answer the quiz so that concept can be clear on each module.

In today’s world computer is the most important part and we are connected to each other in different ways directly and indirectly. Here I am going to explain how we are connected in today’s world via computer. If we are using mobile phones and have internet connections and we are using google, Facebook then you can consider that we are connected in any way which also we do not know.

So due to this connection, we somes also get into trouble like cyber-attack and we lost our money from ATM and also we lose our information by sharing in unwanted means. So also we have a session related to security and I will explain how to save from such information sharing and keep safe from these problems due to the connected world.
We can’t stay away from the internet as this is the most important part of our life and we can get anything by sitting at home. So we have to be careful and use the connected world in a safe mode.

Topics we are going to cover here with multiple videos of the presentation.
Some of the words you will be going through in entire courses and we are describing here for your references.
LAN – Local Area Network
MAN – Metropolitan Area Network

WAN – WAN Area Network
Devices List


Spanning Tree
Collision Domain
Broadcast Domain

Passive Network Components
Copper Cable – UTP
Optical Fiber Cable – OFC

Information Outlet – I/O
Patch Cord
Who this course is for
Bners in IT Computer Networking.

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