[COUPONS] 3 In 1 Coupons V4 | CoursesGhar.Com

[COUPONS] 3 In 1 Coupons V4 | CoursesGhar.Com

Data Science and Machine Learning For Beginners with Python

What you’ll learn

  • Install Jupyter Notebook Server
  • Create a new notebook
  • Explore Components of Jupyter Notebook
  • Understand Data Science Life Cycle
  • Use Kaggle Data Sets
  • Perform Probability Sampling
  • Explore and use Tabular Data
  • Explore Pandas DataFrame
  • Manipulate Pandas DataFrame
  • Perform Data Cleaning
  • Perform Data Visualization
  • Visualize Qualitative Data
  • Explore Machine Learning Frameworks
  • Understand Supervised Machine Learning
  • Use machine learning to predict value of a house
  • Use Scikit-Learn
  • Load datasets
  • Make Predictions using machine learning
  • Understand Python Expressions and Statements
  • Understand Python Data Types and how to cast data types
  • Understand Python Variables and Data Structures
  • Understand Python Conditional Flow and Functions
  • Learn SQL with PostgreSQL
  • Perform SQL CRUD Operations on PostgreSQL Database
  • Filter and Sort Data using SQL
  • Understand Big Data Terminologies.

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SQL with PostgreSQL For Beginners

  • Understand PostgreSQL Database Objects
  • Perform CRUD Operations
  • Creating a database using PostgreSQL GUI
  • Creating tables with PostgreSQL GUI and SQL Commands
  • Use SQL to insert records in a database
  • Use SQL to execute queries against a database
  • Use SQL to retrieve data from a database
  • Use SQL to update records in a database
  • Use SQL to delete records from a database
  • Use SQL to create stored procedures in a database
  • Use SQL to create views in a database
  • Use SQL to filter and sort data returned from a database
  • Query and eliminate duplicate records
  • Joining and querying data from multiple tables
  • Using various aggregate functions and grouping data
  • Using various Operators to query data
  • Using various Analytic Functions

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Nodejs Crash Course : For Backend Developement 2020

What you’ll learn

  • Nodejs Basics
  • Creating server using Express
  • Express Router
  • Connecting with MongoDB
  • Doing CRUD operation with mongoose
  • API Creation
  • Nodemon
  • Testing on Postman
  • Hosting the application


  • PC/Laptop & internet connection
  • Basics of Javascript would help but not necessary

I’m a Full Stack Developer (3+ years) and I’m sharing what you need to develop real life projects. Industry Level Knowledge.

Everything you need to learn to build products and way to become a back end Developer. We will be using Node.js as our runtime environment, MongoDB for Database, Express for Creating Server. We will also be learning to use postman, create routes and performing CRUD operations, and finally host your application.

Who this course is for:
  • Backend Developement
  • Backend with Node
  • Javascript Beginners
  • Web Development

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