Create Games JavaScript make 2 Game projects from scratch

Create Games JavaScript make 2 Game projects from scratch

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Learn jаvascript while building 2 dynamic and interactive games from scratch – jаvascript element selection with DOM

What you’ll learn
How to use jаvascript
How to create elements dynamically
Manipulate elements using jаvascript

Explore jаvascript Document Object Model

Fundamental jаvascript conceptsAccess to computerUse of editor to write codeHTML and CSS knowledge

Did you want to learn more about jаvascript and how to select and update elements. Practice DOM interaction and manipulation while build 2 fun practice projects.
jаvascript Project #1- Catch the element Game
Adding event listeners to elements

Element selection and manipulation
Element style updates and dynamically change style properties with jаvascript
Updating innerText and HTML content

Use of jаvascript Math methods
Applying of game logic
Creating element movement on page

Use of requestAnimationFrame for web page animation
Use of getBoundingClientRect to get element boundaries
Source Code is included so you can try the game and create your own version

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