Create your first Cinema 4D scene Wine Set-up

Create your first Cinema 4D scene Wine Set-up

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Learn how to create this cool wine set-up in Cinema4D!

With this beginner-friendly tutorial you’ll learn how to create realistic objects based on reference pictures, how to set up a scene, create lights and a camera and how to create some amazing textures.

With this basic techniques you’ll be able to create a lot of fun stuff, just by experimenting. So let’s get started and I’ll see you there!

What you need:

Cinema 4D and Photoshop (optional)

What you’ll learn:

Create realistic objects based on reference pictures.
How to set up an abstract scene.
How to set up your camera.

Setting up realistic lights (HDRI and some spot lights).
Create a camera and work with different camera settings.
Texturing your objects (with realistic and abstract textures).

Rendering and post-editing your render.

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