Deploying web apps for new developers on AWS ec2

Deploying web apps for new developers on AWS ec2

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What you’ll learn:
Set up an AWS server, from start to finish
Deploy applications to that server and see them on the web
Simple web server configurations (Apache, NGINX, etc.)
Examples: React/Express, Flaskm Rails (Puma), front-end
Installing packages on an Ubuntu cloud server
You should have some experiencing coding
Basic familiarity with Linux and the command line
I’ve been a code school instructor for the last several years and I see a ton of awesome going on right now in the teaching/development world. Code-schools, sites dedicated to teaching like Udemy, free, online tools like codeacedemy and youtube, etc. Through all these different mediums available anyone can learn… a convenience store manager, a housewife, a nerdy high schooler, or a bro-grammer; without any experience or a 4-year commitment to college, anyone can learn how to code and before you know it you’ve made something awesome. The problem I’m seeing in this phase, in my students and elsewhere, is that the no one’s getting all the way there. Setting up a development environment and building a project is 95+% of the process for a beginner and that’s happening, but everyone is focusing on just that part because it’s the main part. Unfortunately no one ever gets you the last 5% of the journey. Actually getting your code out on the web is a very overlooked thing.
Yes, there are plenty of tools on devops, but there needs to be a resource available that’s specific for developers, to teach them to do what they need to do. Junior and mid-level developers don’t need to be proficient in docker, chef, kubernetes, jenkins, cloud foundry and all the tools of AWS/Azure, they just need to be able to maneuver around a server to get things done. That is what I aim to accomplish in this course.
I will walk you through the process of setting up an AWS account, launching an Ubuntu server, and putting up a variety of apps on that server. We will also connect your server to a domain (you will need to purchase), we will talk about web servers and how they work, what EC2 is, all in simple terms so that you can get to a point where you could do it again. You won’t be a ninja devop, but you will have a basic understanding of how to connect to and use AWS and Ubuntu and get your code into production.
Current sections:
React & Node/Express on Apache
Rails via Puna on NGINX
Python & Flask via WSGI and Apache
In progress:
Java/Spring App in a Docker Container (made with Intellij and Maven)
Word Press
If you would like to make a request, please send me a message and I will do my best to accommodate.
Who this course is for
Anyone who has a project they have made and wants to learn how to get it online (for Free!) with AWS
Code school students/graduates
New developers
Jr or Mid-level devs who have little/no experience doing a manual deploy

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