Digital Marketing on YouTube Complete Advertising Strategy

Digital Marketing on YouTube Complete Advertising Strategy

Digital Marketing on YouTube Complete Advertising Strategy

What you’ll learn

  • How to target your ideal customers on YouTube and the NUMBER ONE targeting strategy to get started with (it’s also the easiest and usually produces the best ROI)
  • How to structure high converting video ads that keep people watching and make them TAKE ACTION (Hint: there are 4 components that you MUST get right if you want to have any chance of success)
  • Understand proper campaign strategy and setup in Google Ads (AdWords) so you can have complete control over all aspects of your ads (targeting, budget, bid, etc)
  • How to optimize your campaigns like the pros so you can maximize your results, get more efficient with your budget and SCALE YOUR ADS to as many potential customers as you can handle
  • Discover a little known method for creating LASER FOCUSED LISTS OF VIDEOS that your ideal customers are currently watching so you can run your ads directly to them — it doesn’t get more targeted than this!
  • Learn what video metrics you should be monitoring so you can efficiently move budget to your most effective campaigns and DRIVE BETTER PERFORMANCE
  • Save time and money by avoiding common pitfalls — we’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to
  • How to leverage retargeting so you can continually engage your audiences and move them down the path to conversion
  • And much more!


    • No requirements but some familiarity with Google Ads (AdWords) will be helpful


    Do you want to learn how to run laser targeted YouTube ads that drive massive traffic and conversions for your business?

    If so, this course will teach you everything you need to implement a profitable video advertising strategy on YouTube — no matter what you’re selling!

    We’ve spent millions of dollars running YouTube ads on every conceivable topic — now we want to teach you the exact strategies we’ve used to consistently drive targeted traffic, leads and sales with this BRAND NEW video advertising course.

    And the best part, you can learn these cutting-edge strategies completely risk-free with Udemy’s 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you don’t feel what you’ve learned will help take your business or website to the next level with video ads, you’ll receive a fast and friendly refund.

    So what are you waiting for?

    CLICK THE ADD TO CART BUTTON NOW and grow your business with video today!

    This is a living course — which means we’ll be continually adding to it and including the most recent and up to date best-practices as the YouTube platform evolves over time.

    And by enrolling now, you’ll get lifetime access to this content and be locked in to all future updates — plus you’ll get access to a thriving community where you can ask questions and engage with other students in the course.

    All on any device, and on your own schedule.

    Now you may be asking yourself, why would I want to advertise on YouTube?

    There are about a BILLION reasons:

    • YouTube has over 1 billion users — that’s about ⅓ of the entire internet
    • Over 1 billion hours of video are watched DAILY on YouTube
    • On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18-34 year olds than any TV network
    • 95% of ads are viewable and played with sound on — it is easier and faster than ever to get your message in front of your target audience

    Ok. YouTube is huge.

    And this course will teach you how to get your message in front of anybody you want. Whenever you want.

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to engage your prospects like never before.

    Here’s exactly what you’ll learn when you enroll:

    Section 1

    Confused about video advertising? You won’t be after this section. In addition to the basics, you’ll learn our number one strategy for targeting your potential customers. This is the secret sauce that makes everything work.

    Section 2

    There is a format for high converting YouTube ads. And in this section, we show you what it is.

    Section 3

    Time for a quick overview of Google Ads (AdWords) and some best practices to get you started. We also talk bidding and make sense of all the additional targeting options you have at your disposal.

    Section 4

    Introducing Placement Targeting! This is where we get down to business and deep dive into the full targeting strategy of this course. Wondering how to generate lists of videos your customers are watching? We’ll show you how.

    Section 5

    Campaign Strategy. Here we make sure we are using the right structure and make sure we have proper tracking. If you ain’t trackin’, it ain’t happenin’!

    Section 6

    Time to build that first video campaign! You’re going to love this one. We leave no stone unturned and show you the best setup options to ensure success.

    Section 7

    Here is where you the magic happens. It his section you’ll learn how to analyze, exclude, and expand your campaigns based on performance data. This is how you scale what’s working and kill what’s not.

    Section 8

    There are common pitfalls that should be avoided. They are costly and annoying. Here you’ll learn what they are so you can save your budget and time for what’s working.

    Section 9

    BONUS! Want to show ads to people who’ve viewed some of your videos? Now you can! This is a crash course on video retargeting.

    Section 10

    Now you’re an expert. Here we reflect on what we’ve learned in this course and tie up any loose ends.

    Each of these sections will build upon the last and give you a crystal clear understanding of how to implement a successful YouTube advertising strategy for your business or company.

    By the end of this course you’ll have everything you need to drive targeted traffic, leads and sales with YouTube Advertising. Remember, it’s totally risk-free to get started.

    Are you ready to harness the power of video?

    Enroll now and grow your business with video today!

    Who this course is for:

    • Anybody looking to open up new advertising channels for their company, website or business
    • Marketing professionals looking to develop in their career and add new skills
    • Business owners looking for new ways to raise awareness (or drive sales) in a cost effective way
    • Seasoned AdWords pros looking to add more tools to their tool kit
    • Anybody aspiring to reach new customers, grow a brand or drive conversions on their website

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