Domestika – Professional Photography: Managing Your Freelance Career

Domestika Professional Photography Managing Your Freelance Car

Domestika Professional Photography Managing Your Freelance Car

Domestika – Professional Photography: Managing Your Freelance Career

Learn the secrets to profiting from your work and transform your passion into your profession

Becoming a professional photographer requires a set of skills that go beyond artistic education. Photographer Danny Bittencourt has overcome her fair share of challenges in areas like administration, marketing, finances, and even legal matters. She has used all this knowledge to build a successful international career as a photographer and shares it all with you in this course, so you too can build your own successful freelance career.

Learn how to find your niche based on your own unique style of photography. . Danny teaches you how to manage your career, build a marketing strategy specific to your market, and develop a photo series that you can present to clients and share with the world.

In her first Domestika course, Danny shows you her tricks and techniques to create impactful self-portraits: Fine Art Self-Portrait Photography.

Start the course by getting to know Danny Bittencourt and the milestones achieved during her fourteen years as a photographer. See how she overcame some hurdles along the way to eventually become her own boss and make a living from her art.

In the second unit, learn about Danny’s organization method, analyze a case study to better manage your time and production, and establish your goals to increase productivity.

Then, see how to create a commercial strategy in line with your objectives by publishing your work on Instagram, magazines, mailing lists, exhibitions, or content productions.

In the next step, Danny shows you how to produce a series of materials such as a resume, a contract, a certificate of authenticity, a professional web page, and social media profiles to promote your work effectively.

Finally, explore other areas for opportunity including grants, governmental cultural incentives, art galleries, competitions, and other alternatives.

What is this course’s project?

Create a series of resources to present your work including a web page, a professional Instagram profile, a biography, a description of your work, and a catalog of your photographs ready to present to the art market.

Who is it for?

For photographers seeking to perfect their career management skills, improve their productivity, and monetize their work.

What you need

To take this course, you will need an ongoing project, preferably independent or freelance work in any type of photography.

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