Draw a Quick Chibi Cartoon Portrait in Procreate

Draw a Quick Chibi Cartoon Portrait in Procreate


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Learn how to turn a picture of a friend or loved one into the cutest portrait you’ve ever seen! Chibi art is quick and easy to make, even if you are relatively new to drawing, so it’s the perfect start of your artistic journey.

What is a Chibi? You may associate this word with a cute cartoon style character with a massive head and tiny body – and you’d be correct! Chibis are a type of manga (comic book) style made to look funny (it was used in parodies of famous manga series) or cute (Chibi toys and figurines of said manga series were trendy).

This Skillshare class will focus on drawing a portrait in Chibi style, starting from a photo reference or description. The potential uses for Chibi art nowadays are multiple! They make for great presents, but you could also draw them to create fanart of your favourite TV series, movies or books, as well as offering them as commissions if you are a digital artist.

I have been doing commissions for years, but I recently discovered that my audience absolutely LOVES Chibis. This style is faster to draw, so I can offer a Chibi portrait at a more competitive price than my ‘normal’ style commissions, attracting a broader client base.

This class will touch the basics of drawing in Procreate and is suitable for absolute beginners, as well as advanced artists who wish to explore a new style.

Some of the concepts explored in this drawing tutorial are below:
Gathering references
Procreate set-up and brushes

Inking in Procreate
Creating colour palettes in Procreate
Digital Colouring
How to export files to create stickers and other products
My name is Maria, I’m a digital illustrator and character artist – you may have already taken some of my classes here on Skillshare like Turn a photo into a Cartoony Artwork with Procreate (or its Photoshop edition), Hairstyles 101: Draw and Colour Hair for Character Design or my best-selling Marketing class Start a Successful Art Account on Instagram.

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