Enrich your story with 3D: Creating stunning WebGL experiences

Enrich your story with 3D Creating stunning WebGL experiences

Enrich your story with 3D: Creating stunning WebGL experiences

Each brand has its own identity, its own characteristics and color schemes… Learn how to play with them to create immersive and interactive experiences that tell their story. Discover how to create stunning 3D WebGL experiences, step by step, and overcome the challenges which you might come across.

Understand how to adapt your workflow to each project’s specific constraints. We’ll go through 5 different projects that I’ve worked on, to learn everything you should know to get your own projects up and running.

In this course, you’ll find out how to start a 3D project from scratch and we’ll go through each step of the creative process. We’ll cover all the critical topics from optimization to export; like texturing, unwrapping, baking, and more. At the end of this class, you’ll be able to create and export 3D models that are ready to be implemented into WebGL – and make your dev love you 😉

In the class, the main tool we’re going to use is C4D R23 but we’re going to see Blender, Octane, and Substance Painter too. All these tools except Blender aren’t free, but they have a 30-day free trial so that you can try them. 

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