Gnomon Workshop: Introduction to Creating Game-Ready Foliage

Gnomon Workshop Introduction to Creating Game-Ready Foliage

Gnomon Workshop: Introduction to Creating Game-Ready Foliage

Learn the essentials of crafting game-ready foliage with environment texture artist on The Last of Us Part II, Peyton Varney. 


Check out a perfect guide for beginners who want to master the game-ready foliage creation. Peyton Varney will walk you through the complete pipeline starting from working with references and going to the rendering process in UE4. 

You’ll begin with creating a block-out based on the references and do modeling in ZBrush and Maya. Later on, you’ll dive into the texture creation process which is split in Substance Designer and Substance Painter. And finishing the project, you’ll learn how to add all models and textures in Unreal Engine and tweak them. During the whole tutorial, Peyton will share his techniques and useful tricks. 

Peyton Varney worked on The Last of Us Part II as an environment texture artist. He also was a part of the Insomniac Games team and worked on Spider-Man PS4. Check out his website to see more of his works and tutorials. 


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