Groove3 Logic Pro Sharing Projects Explained

Groove3 Logic Pro Sharing Projects Explained

Groove3 Logic Pro Sharing Projects Explained

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Studio expert Doug Zangar presents a comprehensive set of Logic Pro video tutorials on the subject of sharing your Logic Pro projects and/or mixes to other programs or apps! If you’ve ever gotten frustrated by trying to send your Logic Pro files to recipients or other apps and programs, fret no more! This is the video series you’ve been waiting for. Doug takes you step by step through the process in numerous formats, so you’ll be sharing and collaborating in no ! These videos are for those new to sharing Logic Pro projects and files.

Doug welcomes you and bs with some useful tips on saving and preparing your Logic Pro projects for sharing. These include deleting unused tracks, naming tracks or files, removing, unused audio files, compressing the project folder, and more. Next up, you’ll learn all you need to know about bouncing a stereo mix that’s ready to share, and you’ll even learn how to burn the mix files to a CD or DVD.

Next, Doug walks you through the actual process of sharing your files to various platforms and apps, including Share to Music, SoundCloud, AirDrop, Mail (email), and GarageBand for iOS, specifically addressing all the various parameters and methods needed for each.

Finally, Doug covers the process of sharing Logic Pro files with two other popular programs: Pro Tools and Final Cut Pro. You’ll even see how the files look when opened up in these new programs. To wrap up, you’ll learn the valuable skill of exporting MusicXML files from Logic Pro, allowing you to share MIDI files with nearly all DAW and notation programs.

To learn exactly what’s contained in these comprehensive Logic Pro video tutorials, and to see how easy it is to transfer your projects and mixes to numerous platforms, see the individual Logic Pro tutorial descriptions on this page. Set your projects free . watch “Logic Pro: Sharing Projects Explained now!

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