Illustrated Lettering Drawing Intricate floral forms

Illustrated Lettering Drawing Intricate floral forms

About This Class


Love lettering, illustration, and the dramatic romance of flowers? Learn how to bring them all together in this stunning creative class with award-winning artist Gemma O’Brien!

You’ll create an intricate, illustrated letterform with Gemma’s unique creative method: using real flowers for inspiration, sketching large letterforms, collaging digital imagery, and sketching and inking details for an incredible final effect.

Blending digital and analog techniques, Gemma reveals a wholly unique approach to hand-drawn work. Key lessons explore:

  • Selecting flowers for inspiration, form, and style
  • Typeface guidance for large-scale letterforms
  • Collaging & composition techniques in Photoshop
  • Intricate illustration detailing with black marker pens

Every lesson breaks down her step-by-step approach, while also sharing illustration and composition techniques you can add to your personal repertoire and bring to projects of your own.

All are invited to join this class and flex their creativity. Whether you’re new to illustration and looking for a weekend project, or a seasoned artist aiming to create a complex piece, you’ll gain insights and skills for use again and again. Once you dive in to Gemma’s creative lettering, you’ll never look at illustration the same way again.

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