iNE – Data Science on the Google Cloud Plateform

Data Science on the Google Cloud Plateform

iNE – Data Science on the Google Cloud Plateform

Data science – gleaning insight from data to perform and inform action – comprises a number of steps, any (or all) of which can aided by tools provided by the Google Cloud.

Google Cloud provides a set of tools to enable you to glean actionable insight from arbitrarily large sets of data. To explore these tools in the Data Science context, it’s helpful to enumerate the steps of which data science is commonly comprised. To wit:

Data collection Pub/Sub App Engine Logging Storage BigQuery

Data extraction & transformation Vision API Speech API Translate API Natural Language API

Extracting data from audio and text
Cleaning & preprocessing Cloud Dataprep Cloud Dataflow Dataproc Apache Beam

Cleaning & preprocessing in a pipeline
Exploration BigQuery Cloud DataLab

Exploring data in BigQuery
Sharing, collaboration, visualization Cloud DataLab Jupyter Notebooks Data Studio

Using data to train machines to do your dirty work Cloud Machine Learning Tensorflow

This document (like data science) is a work in progress, and as such is not comprehensive in its mapping of Data Science steps to available tools. Please contribute where there are gaps.


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