Introduction To Blender Sculpting

Introduction To Blender Sculpting

Introduction To Blender Sculpting

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My name is Zerina and in this course, I am going to show you how to get started with sculpting in Blender.

So if you have never sculpted in Blender before or if you’ve sculpted a little bit and you kind of need to know kind of basic things to get started I am going to show you all the basic stuff and all the tools that I use for my sculpting as well as the rest of the brushes.

We will cover the basics of Blender Sculpting and I will introduce you to the interface of Blender sculpt and like that we will move forward with the introduction to brushes, modifiers, and Remesh option.

Later we will continue with blocking out the model and peace by peace we will sculpt together girl character using the brushes modifiers and Remesh option that you will learn how to use in this course.

You can the reference images on Reference

If you are a bner at Blender sculpt this is a course for you. I will show you all the shortcuts tips and tricks that you need to start and to enjoy your sculpting journey.

What are we waiting for let’s hop on to the videos and make fun art using Blender sculpting

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