Java Specialists – Bits & Bytes

Java Specialists - Bits & Bytes

Java Specialists – Bits & Bytes 

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In this course you will learn how to:
1. convert between different bases, such as octal, decimal, hexadecimal and binary.
2. do bitwise arithmetic with AND, OR, XOR and COMPLEMENT

3. shift bits left and right and what the difference is between unsigned and signed shift
4. print the internals of int and float.

5. negate a number using 2’s complement and why Math.abs(n) might be negative
6. understand rounding errors and how represent decimal numbers in binary.

7. write a great hashCode() method in Java with the least number of bucket collisions.
8. compare BitSet with EnumSet and discover practical use cases in the JDK.

Bits&Bytes has 3 1/2 hours of lectures by renowned computer expert Dr Heinz Kabutz. Read what some of his readers had to say about his work:

Henri Tremblay – “I’ve been coding in Java since 1998. And still, everytime I read the Java Specialists Newsletter, I learn something.”
Simon Ritter – “Heinz gives well researched clear explanations and guidance on many tricky aspects of Java. A goldmine of useful information!”

John Green – “I enjoyed this course even though I thought I knew everything I needed to know about bits and bytes.

In fact, I thought that I probably didn’t need to use low level knowledge like this in Java – that I could leave it to C programmers 😉 Instead, I’ve found not just that it is still very much in use by JDK developers, even code added to Java 9, but that I should probably read more on floating point numbers before I can consider my knowledge to be complete. The practical tips on hashing and bit sets will be useful for programming in future.”

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