Kazone Art – Character Design With Karl Kopinski [Compressed]


Learn from Master Draftsman Karl Kopinski

Karl born and raised in Nottingham, UK and has been working in the illustration and art world for over 20+ years. Mostly self-taught he worked with a large variety of clients including Peter Jackson, Sir Paul Smith, Hasbro, Ubisoft, and many other companies.

What will I learn

Sources of Artistic Inspiration
Value, Light, and Form

Graphite Rendering Technique & Narrative Character Design

Part 1: Karl’s Thought + Drawing Process (12:28)

Part 2: Workflow for Designing Characters (25:34)

Part 3: Elements of Costume Design (23:05)

Part 4: Adding Narrative to a Character (28:43)

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Course link: https://www.kazoneonline.com/p/karl-kopinski-lecture

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