Kyle Roof – On Page SEO 2019

Break Free From The Shackles Of GuesSEO
Discover Kyle Roof’s scientific method that outsmarted Google.
Kyle packaged his techniques into a series of 32 groundbreaking videos that will save you time, get you vastly better results, and change the way you do SEO forever!
Module 1: The On-Page SEO Formula
Lesson 1: Keywords
Lesson 2: The Reverse Silo
Lesson 3: The Top Places to Put your Keywords on Your Pages
Lesson 4: Outlining Your Page
Lesson 5: The Four Elements that Impact On Page Rank
Lesson 6: The Rough and Dirty Approach to On Page
Lesson 7: Common Questions and Some Tricks
Lesson 8: The Scientific Approach to On Page
Lesson 9: The Proof
Lesson 10: Page Optimizer Pro
Module 2: The Science behind On-Page SEO Strategy
Lesson 12: Module Introduction
Lesson 13: How to use other tools to get what you need
Lesson 14: Moving Past the Outline
Lesson 15: Filling in the Blanks with Cora
Lesson 16: Keyword Research
Lesson 17: Using Google Ads to Find Actual Search Terms
Lesson 18: Using Google Ads to Inform SEO Campaigns
Lesson 19: Finding Actual CTR
Lesson 20: Putting it all together: Fishing + Clusters + Volume + CTR
Module 3: The Third-Party Impact on On-Page Results
Lesson 23: Technical SEO Audit
Lesson 24: Basic Schema
Lesson 25: Advanced Schema
Lesson 26: Intro to 3rd Party Sites On Page Optimization
Lesson 27: Citations
Lesson 28: Knowledge Panel/Graph Considerations
Module 4: Getting Links to Aid Your On-Page Success
Lesson 31: Owning Page One of SERPs
Lesson 32: Backlinking for On Page
Lesson 33: How long does it take to win keywords?
Lesson 34: Video Poking technique
Lesson 35: Thinking about KPIs
Lesson 36: Sometimes CRO is all you really need
Lesson 37: A Look at ROI when making On Page decisionsdownload button


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