Layout Design Theory – Create Strong Designs

Layout Design Theory - Create Strong Designs

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EDIT: New 11 pg. Guide to Grids pdf! You can download it in the attachment section in the project section of the course! 

This is a graphic design theory course, so no software is required to take the course, just your willingness to learn. 

Layout is the force that holds everything together in a cohesive design. Without a solid understanding of layout, a designer may never know how to block out a design, manage more than one design element at a time or create thematic piece that somehow feels like those elements have always fit together. 

In this class we will extensively go over layout for graphic design. We will review blocking; the grid system and we will review several examples of great layout design. 

We will touch on how to design for multiple panels or pages and have unifying theme throughout, and of course we will cover the all important editorial design and layout. 

Lastly, I will cover UX design and how that plays a part in the overall experience whens someone views your design piece because great layout design is for both digital and print mediums. 

I encourage anyone who is interested in learning how to use layout to elevate your designs to that professional level to take this course. So, let’s learn together. 


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