Learn the Command Line … for Science!

Learn the Command Line … for Science! 

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Typing skills — very helpful!

That’s it.

You should take this course because Science. For real, though, every branch of science has a growing computational component, but traditional science education is lagging behind. If you’re a scientist, you don’t necessarily need to learn to code, but you do need to level up your computer skills. That’s what this course is about.

Think about it — you may understand mitosis, or RNA transcription, or galaxy formation, or covalent bonds, but how well do you understand what’s going on inside your computer Learning the command line is the first step toward a healthier relationship with your machine. It’s great preparation for learning to code. It puts a TON of free, open source scientific computing tools (and infrastructure) at your fingertips. And it’s fun!

So make 2016 the year you finally learn the command line. This course is custom designed for scientific computing — that’s why it goes beyond simple navigation and file operations to include installing software and even building programs from source code. Get up to speed with your colleagues, fancy up your resume, and become a part of the scientific computing community. It’s easier than you think!

Featuring Joshua Treeson as The Voice of the Command Line!
Who this course is for

Science majors
Anybody interested in computational science

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