Learn To Build Powerful AI Chatbots From Scratch Using RASA

Learn To Build Powerful AI Chatbots From Scratch Using RASA

What you’ll learn

  • Build conversational chatbots
  • Understand and learn about conversational interfaces and agents
  • Build chatbots using RASA
  • Building the future chatbots


  • Interest to learn


Remember Last time when you visit any crowded place like Metro or Railways etc . You must have seen long Queue . Just think ,Can you do something to transform their life ? Of course You can do . You can make any online portal ,So people can get information on single click . This can solve the problem of Queue but users need to understand User Interface . Lets think about chatbots , If you can make a chat bot or virtual assistance for this long queue .You can not only solve problem but transform the user experience.With chatbot they will start enjoying the conversation . Actually good designed chatbot gives human like feeling . I know you are too smart and quickly come to the point So You must be Thinking , How to build a chatbot ? Right !

If you love to read Tech magazines or Tech Blogs ( Chatbot related) on Internet , You must have heard about efforts of Top IT companies like IBM ,GOOGLE and Amazon etc in chat-bot development . Most of these companies have provided their own chat bot framework. Google has recently acquired API.AI . Google has changed its name by dialogflow . In the similar fashion , Amazon has Lex and Facebook has Wit.AI. Mostly these Platforms are cloud based. I can guess you doubt now . You must be thinking if there are so many NLU and chatbot development frameworks are already there then why to choose RASA ?

RASA stack is an open source AI tool . Being an opensource Framework, It is easy to customize . In fact , In many cases Clients do not want to share their data .As I have already told you , Others NLU are cloud based, They provide software as service . You can not run them internally in your environment. So you need to send your data to third party . With RASA , There is no such issue . You can deploy or host Rasa Internally in your server or environment.

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