Lightning Web Component Development

Lightning Web Component Development

Lightning Web Component Development

What you’ll learn

  • What is Lightning Web Component framework?
  • LWC Fundamentals
  • Javascript Fundamentals (including ES6 features)
  • Integration in Lightning Web Components
  • Reusability of LWC Components
  • Styling technique in LWC
  • SLDS – Salesforce Lightning Design System
  • Third Party Libraries in LWC
  • Lightning Navigation Service
  • Lightning Messaging Service
  • Calling Salesforce Apex in LWC
  • LWC and Aura Interoperability
  • Rent A Car Project Built with LWC
  • Over 15 Projects
  • LWC Crash Course
  • Testing LWC
  • Lightning Quick Action and Lightning Tab


LWC framework is a new programming model to develop Salesforce Lightning Components. This course is designed to help you understand three basic things:

  • What are Lightning Web Components?
  • Why Salesforce has introduced the Lightning web component framework?
  • How can you develop Lightning web components?

If you are preparing for your next job interview or next project and do not have enough time to go through the entire course? Don’t you worry, because I have included an LWC Crash course video in the course which can help you learn all the fundamentals of LWC in just 100 minutes. Amazing, isn’t it?

The course will mainly focus on Custom Lightning Web Component development. With the help of code by code mini examples and major projects, you can master this framework in no time. In the course, we will learn-

  • LWC Fundamentals
  • Complete Javascript Tutorials (including ES6 features and JS Fundamentals)
  • Complete Tutorials on SLDS – Salesforce Lightning Design System
  • Basics of SFDX – Push, Pull, Retrieve and Deploy Your Code
  • Integration in LWC (Make dynamic callout, parse the response etc)
  • How to develop components locally – Local Dev Server
  • Base Lightning Component
  • Looping in LWC
  • Conditional Rendering in LWC
  • Component Lifecycle
  • Styling LWC components with CSS
  • Component Communication – Custom Events, Lightning Messaging Service, PubSub module, Properties
  • Calling Salesforce Apex from LWC – Wire Service, Rest Callout, Imperative Call to Apex Methods
  • Navigation Service in LWC
  • Aura and LWC Interoperability
  • Testing Lightning Web Components
  • and much more including new and updated videos on new features

LWC is still new in the market and learning LWC can make you a Salesforce gem and can give your resume another dimension.

If you are new to any web development framework, please do not worry as the course will start from very basic (ground 0) to help you understand how can you start coding web components (and even before that, you will learn all the fundamentals of Javascript). If you already have hands on in any Web Development frameworks, then this course will definitely be a major plus to your skills as it primarily focuses on learning modern web standard, building ECMA script modules and developing UI components.

Who this course is for:

  • Salesforce Professionals
  • UI and UX developers
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Salesforce Developers and Admins
  • Students and Fresh Graduates

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