Master Redis – From Beginner to Advanced, 20+ hours

Master Redis - From Beginner to Advanced, 20+ hours

Master Redis – From Beginner to Advanced, 20+ hours

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Learn about Redis Data, Publish/Subscribe Models, Piping, Replication, Clusters, Lua Scripts, RediSearch, RedisJSON What you’ll learn:
Learn with 20+ hours of hands-on practical exercises
Deep dive into Redis Data Structures

redisearch, RedisInsights, RedisJSON
Publish/Subscribe Models
Replication and clustering

Lua Scripting
Redis Enterprise System
Redis Administrations

Using the latest Redis 6.2
Redis Database Design techniques
Manage data replication and persistence
Best practices, tips, and tricks

What’s new in Redis 6.2 and beyond

No pre-knowledge is required: I’ll teach you absolutely everything you need to know!
A computer is required, but any will do. A desktop or a laptop running Mac, Windows, or Linux
Willingness to learn something new.

Redis Data Structures? Yes, Publish/Subscribe models? Yes, Replication/Clustering? Yes, Lua Scripts? Yes, Database Designs? Yesindeed and much more…

I’ve design this course from step-by-step move from basic to advanced topics. Here is a partial list of some of the topics that are covered in various sections for 18+ hours videos of this course:

The course is design based on the latest version i.e. Redis 6.2

Deep dive into Redis Data Structures to store, update and retrieve information

Step-by-step walkthrough to perform simple to complex queries

How to create a data structure from the scratch, Creating and modifying data structure

Walks you through examples that demonstrate how to use it effectively

You’ll begin by getting Redis set up properly and then exploring the key-value model

Explore various data types and commands in Redis

Learn Redis data structures through practically demonstrated use cases

Detail examples on working with Strings, Lists, Sets, Sorted Sets, Hashes, Bitmap, HyperLoglogs data structures

Dive into real use cases including simple caching, distributed ad targeting, and more

Understanding TTL (Time to Live) or Key Expiry in Redis

Publish/subscribe and configuration

Manage data replication and persistence in Redis

Administering your Redis Database

Advanced aspects of Redis high availability and clustering

Scale Redis to multiple servers with Redis Cluster

Setting up Redis Replication (Master + Slave) – Development or Demo Scenario

Database Design from RDBMS tables to Redis Database Structures

Best practices, tips and tricks, and expert techniques to scale Redis

Whats new in Redis 6.2

Learn Lua Scripting for interacting with data structures, apply EVAL commands and more.

Extend Redis with Redis Module

Deep dive into research to perform complex Searches

Use RedisInsight to view the Redis database visually

Use RedisJSON to build JSON based document solutions

Understand how Redis enterprise enhances Redis ecosystem

This comprehensive course will teach you everything about Redis to use in your next big project!

Master the Redis database, and see how to apply it with real-world databases and queries.

Who this course is for
Complete beginners to the database world
Anyone wanting to learn about Redis or NoSQL Database
Students with Bigdata or Data Science Technologies
Anyone who wants to include Redis in their projects.
Anyone who wants to work on a real production-like environment setup for Redis and do a deep dive in understanding Redis
Application engineers seeking to expand their backend skillset
Anyone wants to learn from basic to advanced functionality of Redis

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