Michael Breen – Sharpen Your Pitch


Michael Breen – Sharpen Your Pitch

Who is it for?

Although this program was delivered to help coaches, consultants and trainers pitch and win business – the truth is it applies to all of us.
If you are communicating – then you are pitching.
You see pitching applies to all communication, be it asking your manager for a raise, convincing your spouse to watch a movie, selling yourself in a job interview or asking for a cup of tea…it’s all pitching!
Or as Michael puts it:

   “You get what you ask for so you may as well get good at asking”

How This Program Will Help You 

By going through this program not only will you refine your pitch and stack the odds of winning in your favour. you will also:
Learn how to qualify your clients so that you only select high quality clients that you enjoy working with.
Become an instant expert by articulating your audiences problem better than they can.
Get clarity on your business – who your audience is and what you are offering them.
Design an irresistible offer that makes your product or service the only obvious choice.
Find your voice and identify what makes you stand out from your competitors.
Break conventional thinking, programming and poor communication.
Have as many brilliant ideas as the best Ad Men On the Planet
Become amazingly persuasive by using covert and overt suggestions in your pitch that your audience will never be able to identify
How to make your communication alive, interesting and fun by putting pictures in your clients head.
Create anchor phrases that will stay with your customers long after you are gone
How to make your pitch sparkle with analogies, metaphor, stories and images!
The 3 Ways to pitch –  master the chronology, direct and hourglass methods

Get immediately download MichaeBreen – Sharpen Your Pitch
What to change when pitching to groups versus individuals – mass communication requires a completely different approach to individual communication.
Master how to think on your feet so that you can read your client and continuously change your pitch as and when needed
Gain the ability to reach inside the world view of your audience and place your solution as their only viable option
Get the pitching state so that you are in command and control of the situation – it’s that take it or leave it attitude that helps win pitches
How to talk to competitors at the pitch, what to say to them – you could even make your competitors your customers!
Pitching rules when in a team – what to do if pitching as part of a team
How to adjust the environment that you are put in.

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