Neil Patel – Agency Unlocked

Neil Patel – Agency Unlocked

If you know Neil Patel, then you should be very informed about his agency Unlocked Videos in 2021. Neil just started his Marketing Academy where he grooms young marketers in SEO and Digital Marketing Skills. called Agency Unlocked.

We have to download the First ever tutorial and wish you can have it for free. The Agency Unlocked by Neil Patel is an agency just launched sometime in July 2019.


The Neil Patel Full Service Marketing Agency is designed for Small Business owners. Agency Unlocked is aimed at increasing your Market Traffic and Revenue without corresponding expenses on any additional Marketing.
Well, the Agency Unlocked Courses only last for just 5 Weeks.

During this period, you will be able to learn Simple and proven strategies to do on their various business models. Neil Said, at the end of the Agency Unlocked Course, you’ll have a double of your Traffic, double of your Conversion and revenue too. Someone will ask who is Neil Patel?

Before I go into what blogs and agencies would say about him, I will love to explain how I knew Neil Patel. Back then in 2016 when I first started my career in Marketing and blogging, I needed someone to give a guide on how to do basic SEO at least, or even show me how the whole google stuff works.

Firstly, I landed a friend to help me with such knowledge, he gave me information that has no prove just because it was working for his own blog and Niche.

The hard truth was told, I just have to do it myself. I landed on YouTube in search of a better and practical SEO and Digital Marketing knowledge, I met Neil Patel. Up to date, I have read his Contents on SEO, Listened to his Podcast, and watched his videos on Marketing. That has turned my career in SEO around.

Here’s a Quick One!
Notwithstanding, Neil was born in the United Kingdom and started his own job portal called Advice Monkey. After marketing the website, he discovered that he has spent a lot on Advertising just to get nothing.

Neil Patel started learning digital marketing and became very good. His consulting career began at Elpac Electronics, where he expanded his sales experience. Together, he founded his first Internet marketing company. Work with many clients before investing a million dollars and lose a lot in a failed web hosting company.

Since then, many companies have started such as;

Crazy Egg
Neil Patel Digital.

You can find popular channels and more than 500,000 subscribers on YouTube. Publish publications on various topics related to WordPress, SEO, Google, monetization, Instagram, and entrepreneurship at least twice a week.
Although he has a lot of money in the bank, he says he started unlocking the agency instead of filling his pockets with more money.

Is Neil Patel Agency Unlocked worth it?
Basically, you may say, there are a lot of free tools out there that can help SMEs growth faster within the shortest of time. For the sake of savings, the Course is worth about $1,495 for 5 weeks intensive course.

You might be thinking about it the same old stuff I bet you, Neil has a lot of Social proves.

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Actually, I think YES. The Unlocked Agency course is an absolute hit. You get to know the internal advice and see personally how Niel expands his content and his agency.

I am in no way affiliated with the Neil Patel Agency, but since I have attended many courses, I can assure you that this course is not a waste of money.

The courses from a person like Neil Patel, are never a waste of money because they know what they are doing and he is one of the best in the game.

Agency Unlocked Review 2021
The Agency unlocked Review will explain the 6 weeks of intensive SEO and Marketing classes. Each week will be represented below.

Traffic Generation
Social Media
Paid Advertising
Teardown Week.
In addition to the weekly schedules, you gain access to a closed Facebook group where you can communicate with other members who bought the course.

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You also have access to live training every 6 weeks and twice a week Q&A session with one of Neil Patel’s trainers.

Traffic Generation
The first week of the course discusses seven ways you can double your traffic without writing a single new blog post or spend more money on ads ….

1 – Increasing your conversion rates
2 – Collecting and sending out emails
3 – Freeing up personnel to save money
4 – Using review sites and influencers
5 – A/B testing title tags and headlines
6 – Refreshing old posts to get traffic
7 – Capitalizing on free advertising opportunities.
This week, you’ll learn how to double your customer base without increasing the traffic you already have.

– Making use of CTA’s in your content
– Using AI to increase sales opportunities
– Using push notification drip sequences
– Remarketing campaigns Neil’s way
– Spying on your visitors.
This week, you will spend at least 30 minutes of your time editing your old Content to meet the value invoke now. This will actually drive massive traffic to the site.

First day – Adding new keywords to existing content
Second day – Increasing your Google rankings
Third day – Land and Expand
Fourth day – Creating Micro Sites Cheaply
Fifth day – Buying and Selling Sites.
Social Media
You will learn how to discover thousands of additional visitors a month without wasting a lot of time. Be a master in Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter.

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Paid Advertising
You will learn how to boost your conversion rate to double the normal quota while you pay less.

– How to find micro-influencers
– Learning more about your business
– Going viral without spending a dime
– Cross-promoting, share advertising
– Common website mistakes.
Teardown Week.
The teardown week will take care of all other excerpts from other weeks. Here you get to throw questions and get cleared about other week’s courses.

Neil Patel SEO Course 2021.
Neil Patel has begun to throw great insight into his SEO Courses. I have been a great student of Neil Patel in terms of SEO, He has projected the feature od SEO with his Marketing tools like Ubersuggest, Hello bar Backlink, and Subscribers.
The Videos Cover marketing areas like digital marketing for small business, SEO Analysis, Keyword Research, Backlink analysis, Traffic sources for small blogs

We have gathered some of Neil Patel’s insightful SEO Video Courses for 2021 that are currently trending. The Neil Patel Courses Include.

Welcome to the SEO Unlocked! Free SEO Course with Neil Patel | SEO Training
Introduction to SEO and Why It’s Important – SEO Unlocked – Free SEO Course with Neil Patel
Keyword Research Part 1 – SEO Unlocked – Free SEO Course with Neil Patel
Keyword Research Part 2 – SEO Unlocked – Free SEO Course with Neil Patel
Get other Powerful Neil Patel Videos in his official Youtube Account below

Neil Patel Just Launched some other Training Courses. These Courses compreise of Ecommerce, Content Marketing, Search Engineering Optimization and so many other Marketing Courses.

These Course are designed to make your Studies very Competitive and Paerctical Oriented. The Course contain Cheat Sheets, Videos, Practicals PDFs and Challenges to help you learn.

You can Download that Immediately from the training Page of



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