Otis Ecom – Ecom Wizards Blueprint

Otis Ecom - Ecom Wizards Blueprint

Otis Ecom – Ecom Wizards Blueprint

See how I scaled a new store from 0 to over 6 figures in just 20 days. From the website, to ads and more
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Course Content:
Section 1 (Mindset)
Here you’ll learn about the exact mindset you need to succeed in eCommerce. If you believe it, you can achieve it

Section 2 (Creating A Store)
Learn how to design and market a profitable store on Shopify. Step-by-step tutorials to follow along.

Section 3 (Product Research Blueprint)
I show you 10 different product research methods that I use to find 6 figure winning products.

Section 4 (Facebook Ads Basics)
Get familiar with your business manager and learn to navigate around. Understand the basics before we move onto advanced.

Section 5 (Facebook Ads Testing)
Unravel the exact testing strategy I use to identify winning products. From targeting, to countries and more.

Section 6 (Facebook Ads Scaling)
Master scaling your profitable ads to take your store to $10k+ days. See exactly how I did it on the case study store.

Section 7 (Email Marketing)
Generate extra profits with email marketing. You must not neglect this part if you want to make thousands more on autopilot.

Section 8 (Growing Your team)
Start to automate your store and learn how to hire/run a team. This allows you to focus on the money tasks.

See behind the scenes exactly how I scaled from $0-$100,000 in just 20 days on a store.

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