Pen Drawing for Beginners Permanency, Texture and Composition

Pen Drawing for Beginners Permanency, Texture and Composition

Pen Drawing for Beginners Permanency, Texture and Composition

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Drawing with fine liner ink pens comes with a few challenges. Not only are you limited to black and white tones, but everything is permanent.

By approaching pen drawing in layers – starting with pencil, and moving towards darker lines and shading – you can craft vibrant drawings that allow for mistakes and experimentation within the permanent medium.

After this class, you’ll have a foundation of ink fundamentals, and hopefully a new appreciation for the vast possibilities of the medium.

I’ll explain how to:

Compose a pen sketch
Know which pen thickness to use and how to choose your sketchbook.
Create an outline

Use texture and shading
Deal with mistakes
Create emphasis

This class is perfect for beginners. I’ll be walking you through my whole process of creating an ink drawing. Though, more seasoned artists could still benefit from this class as we’ll be exploring texture and composition as well.

If you’ve gotten a pack of new fineliners and want some tips on how to best put them to use, this is your class!

You’ll need at least one drawing pen and a blank piece of paper (check out the class project description for helpful links!). But I’ll go through some tips for picking equipment in the first class, too.

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