Phlearn Pro – Advanced Compositing with Stock Images in Photoshop

Phlearn Pro - Advanced Compositing with Stock Images in Photoshop

You don’t need expensive gear or complicated photoshoots to create beautiful works of art in Photoshop! Follow along as we show you how to use advanced compositing techniques to combine 19 free stock images into an out-of-this-world fantasy scene.

Learn how to cut out objects from their background, match light and color between images taken in different environments, create realistic depth and atmosphere, and more!


  • 19 Sample Images
  • 4 Photoshop Brushes
  • 1 Sample PSD

Create a Fantasy Landscape from Scratch

It’s one thing to create your own epic fantasy scene in Photoshop. It’s another thing entirely to do it using only free stock image assets. Learn how to seamlessly combine 19 different images together, matching light, color, and saturation.

19 Stock Photos. 1 Work of Art.


Learn Advanced Photo Compositing

Advanced Compositing with Stock Images

If you know PHLEARN, you know that we love creating conceptual composite images in Photoshop. But a lot of other courses, like The Beginners Guide to Levitation and How to Create an Epic Composite, involved multiple photoshoots using high-end photography gear. So what if we told you that you can make your own works of art using only free stock photos? Well, it’s possible! And we’re here to show you how.

Match Light & Color

The biggest challenge of using stock images for a composite is that, most of the time, the lighting and color in each photo will be different. If we want our final image to look like everything was photographed in the same scene, we need tools and techniques to help tie it all together. Learn how to use advanced Photoshop tools like Curves, Levels, Gradient Maps, and Check Layers to seamlessly match light and color between any number of images.

Foreground, Midground, Background

The best images build depth by having elements in the foreground, midground, and background. We show you how to create the illusion of depth using light, color, and atmospheric effects so that you can build your own photorealistic worlds.

Rock & Vine Photoshop Brushes

When you’re going for a particular special effect, making your own custom Photoshop Brushes can save you time while delivering realistic results. For a floating island effect, we needed rocks and vines to clean up Layer Masks and to help tie different elements together. Learn how to create and use specialized custom Photoshop Brushes for amazing special effects!

Amazing Sci-Fi Effects

Misty mountains. Floating islands. Strange, new worlds. Learn how to create realistic special effects that you can use to create your own science fiction and fantasy scenes. If you’re looking for more fun and challenging projects like this, try How to Create a Parallax Effect in Photoshop & After Effects.

Professional Photoshop Skills

While we’re working on creating a fun image in this course, these tools and techniques are the same ones that professional artists and creatives use on daily basis. Learn how to analyze and modify light, make precise cutouts and selections, seamlessly blend different photos together, and add beautiful coloring.

Clouds, Fog & Atmosphere

Create realistic clouds, fog, and atmosphere with the included PHLEARN-made Photoshop Brushes. Great tools for adding depth and dimension to any photograph–and they’re yours to keep and use forever.

Learn About Check Layers

Check Layers are tools that we’ve developed to help with the compositing process. More specifically, they’re special Adjustment Layers that we use to help match luminosity, saturation, and hue across multiple different images. We show you how to create and use Check Layers in Photoshop which will help you create seamless, ultra-realistic composite photos!

Color Grading

Once the compositing is complete, color grading is how we tie it all together. Learn how to add beautiful coloring effects that will help put the finishing touches on a composite image while adding richness and realism to the scene.

19 Stock Photos Included

All 19 stock photos used to create this scene are included with the course! That means that you’ll have everything you need to start learning and creating right away. You can even customize your work with other free stock images! We recommend using websites like Pexels and Unsplash to find free assets captured by brilliant artists and photographers.

Sample PSD

Not only do we show you how to create a beautiful scene in Photoshop, we also provide the complete PSD file so that you can see how a professional artist assembles and organizes their work. Take a look at how the entire image was created, with every Layer, adjustment, and effect available for you to see.

Master Photoshop Compositing

We love compositing in Photoshop! So much so that it’s become a pillar of our course catalog here on PHLEARN. If you’re new to the craft, we recommend trying some of the courses that break down the fundamentals. Try Photoshop Compositing: Essential Tools & Techniques, and Intro to Photoshop Compositing for Beginners to level up your compositing skills!

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