Python Basics for Ren’Py Developers

Python Basics for Ren'Py Developers

Python Basics for Ren’Py Developers

Learn the Python basics to build complex components like an inventory system or a minigame in your Ren’Py project
What you’ll learn:
Visual Novel Game Development
Game Development
Programming Basics

Have at least heard of the Ren’Py Visual Novel Game Engine

Do you enjoy Visual Novel games? Do you want to add more gameplay elements like mini-games to the traditional Visual Novels?

This course covers the fundamentals of Python you need to take your Ren’Py game development skills to the next level. Personally, I found those Python concepts essential when I was implementing complex minigames like chess and a rhythm game for my Ren’Py projects.

In each lecture, we will learn a Python concept using the Python runtime in Google Colab and then see the Python concept in action in Ren’Py scripts. For example, we will see how Python’s if-else control flow statements allow us to dynamically show or hide Ren’Py menu choices.

Topics that we will cover:

Variables (strings, numbers, booleans)

Data Structures (lists, sets, dictionaries)

Python Control Flow Statements (conditional, loops)

Advanced Topics (functions, classes)

No Python experience is necessary. Basic familiarity with Ren’Py is recommended to get the best experience out of this course. Experience with any programming languages will be greatly helpful.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

Use complex Python data structures in Ren’Py (to create complex components like an inventory system)

Use Python to organize and simplify your Ren’Py script

Join me in this course to level up your programming, game development, and Ren’Py skills!

Who this course is for
Ren’Py developers who want to build more complex Visual Novel projects

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