Sakimichan Tutorials Collection Term 1-123 [103GB]

Sakimichan Tutorials Collection Term 1-123

Sakimichan is a digital artist with a semi-realistic style, who has been releasing her works through patreon since 2014. In addition to pinup fanarts and their video process, each term contains a tutorial. This collection contains all these tutorials from the 123 terms released so far. The topics can range from basics of digital, to detailed explanation of creating a piece from start to finish. Each Tutorial is named in the “Term Number – Tutorial Title” format.

Kudos to EvilJesus who uploaded a huge half a terabyte collection of Sakimichan a few months ago despite a slow internet connection. This upload would not have been possible without their contribution. Unfortunately, the original torrent was rather unorganized with a large portion of tutorials in compressed format, and even some with password protection which made seeding and using the files at the same time quite difficult.

I extracted the files, separated the tutorials, organized them and added the missing terms. For those who would like to complete the collection and are interested to see more process videos, there will be another torrent which contains the patreon rewards without these tutorials.

I hope this helps aspiring artists who are in love with Sakimichan’s works like me. If these tutorials end up being useful and you are financially capable, please consider supporting Sakimichan through her patreon or gumroad.

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