School of Motion – Design Bootcamp –

School of Motion – Design Bootcamp -

Design Bootcamp is an accelerated online program that gets you up to speed with the principles and practices of modern Designers working in the field of Motion Design.

This course is designed to be PRACTICAL. Each lesson covers basic design principles in the context of real-world jobs. You’ll learn the fundamentals of design and you’ll also see how those fundamentals get used in real projects.

You’ll sit over the shoulder of a master as he creates stunning designs from scratch while giving you insights into his thought process as he works. You’ll not only learn what Hierarchy means, but you’ll see it used right before your eyes in the creation of amazing and well-thought out imagery.

Working with Clients
How to approach client briefs from concept to final Design Boards.

Pitching Ideas
How to pitch Ideas and Art Directions to a client.

Composition and Color
The art of composing beautiful images, and using color properly.

Mastering the Tools
A million and one Photoshop and Illustrator tricks.

How to create sets of boards that work together as a unit, not just as individual frames.

Design Thinking
Most importantly, how to think like a Designer.

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