Schoolism – Environment Design with Nathan Fowkes

Schoolism – Environment Design with Nathan Fowkes

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Course Description

The goal of this course is to give entertainment artists and students the ability to engage their audience through the design of extraordinary locations. The class will be a serious exploration of designing space, landscape and architecture as well as composing presentation art to best convey the mood, story and history of each location. During our time together I’ll take you step by step through the practical application of:

– The design and development process: taking an environment from concept to a polished finish.

– The creation of mood, environment and story through location design.

– Designing with 3D space in landscape and architecture.

– Theatrical scene composition to create compelling presentation art.

– Step by step photoshop painting ideas.

– Numerous photoshop demonstrations, screen captured live to show you the process in action.

– Building your concept art portfolio.

Additionally, I’ll show you how the production pipeline works at an entertainment design studio and the role of the art department in the design and development process. We’ll go through the entire process of developing an idea by taking it through the stages of thumbnail comp, tonal rough, color rough and final color.

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