Secure Ninja – Red Hack Hacking by Kevin Cardwell

Secure Ninja Red Hack Hacking by Kevin Cardwell

SecureNinja’s Red Team Hacking will teach you the skills, techniques and proven methodology of how to setup and be a Red Team Member. Red Team Hacking by name infers that it is 100% offensive, and that is just what you will learn during this comprehensive and fun filled course which shows will show you how to break into and exploit systems. SecureNinja’s exclusive Red Team Hacking was created by Chief Security Architect Kevin Cardwell and is based on his experience/s as a Red Team member for 14 years and as the leader of a Red Team for 6 years. During Kevin’s tenure his teams achieved 100% success rate at compromising systems. You will learn the step by step effective and accepted methodology used by many Red Teams around the world.

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