Photoshop Classes By Fred, I will help you get PRO at Photoshop About This Class Wow, how did you create that? That is the question that every artist wants to hear. And this class will help you a stunning artwork and that will keep everyone wondering – how did you do it?! The artwork you will create in this class In this class you will learn How to use Pen Tool Cutting out objects with Pen Tool Using Stamp Tool to recreate skin How to use Smudge Tool Matching the colors of different objects Using Shadows to create more realism Check out the projects&resources panel to download the class materials Project Description We will create an amazing artwork in this class Share the followings once you have finished your work: full artwork the process of your work or use other images to create a similar artwork Get the materials from resources area In addition to posting in the project gallery you can also share your works in social media and tag me @freds_gallery, I will be happy to see your works! Photoshop Classes By Fred I will help you get PRO at Photoshop My name is Fred and I will teach you the most advanced and modern skills that Photoshop has to offer. Already after watching one class you will be able to create stunning artworks. Make sure to check my other works and upcoming classes at my instagram @freds_gallery Skills in this Class: • Adobe Photoshop • Photo Retouching • Fine Art • Graphic Design • Visual Arts • Photo Manipulation • Creative • Creative Poster Size: 897MB

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